The demands on the legal system have changed significantly in recent years. Legal tech has long since ceased to be a foreign concept, and the use of modern software solutions is steadily increasing. With the goal of increasing legal efficiency while maintaining a high level of consulting quality, both in-house legal departments and law firms must now deal with digital process management and automation.

ESCRIBA helps legal departments and law firms meet today’s challenges and increase value through digital solutions.

Digitalization and New Work pose new challenges for lawyers

Economic pressures, not only created by new business models but present in every organization, require recurring efficiencies in all functional areas. Legal departments and law firms often respond with simple cost reductions, such as travel restrictions, reduced or delayed hiring, less professional development, or even reductions in IT investments. 

The latter is enormously critical in terms of technological change and digital competition. In order to break out of the negative spiral, innovative solutions for the provision of legal services, a modern technological system landscape modern technological system landscape and data-based decision-making are needed above all.

Legal departments in legal in-house functions

Nowadays, legal departments in companies are not only guardians of the law, but also strategic business partners. In addition to traditional legal functions such as compliance and risk assessment, they are also responsible for cost management and communication with other business units and external service providers.

Corporate lawyers are increasingly expected to proactively shape the company’s strategic development with accurate risk assessments and regulatory assessments. For this to succeed, in addition to the legal approach, a business mindset is also required that focuses more on operationalization and digitalization.

Law firms and
commercial law firms

With increasing digitalization, law firms are confronted with new technical possibilities and the associated changes in competition, as well as with the growing expectations of their clients. The analysis of data, the recognition of patterns and the rapid derivation of effective solution models must be part of the basic service of a law firm much more than in the past.

To support their clients individually and in a way that adds value, law firms must be able to set up new digital systems and put them into operation quickly and smoothly. This requires an even stronger combination of legal and technical/organizational expertise.

ESCRIBA No-/Low-Code Solutions as Game Changer for Lawyers

We create the framework for your digital service portfolio

Lasting legal high and peak performance is based on operational excellence as well as the ability to implement strategic-content goals quickly and consistently. We are a Berlin-based software and digitalization company and have been developing innovative applications for 25 years, advising on their implementation and supporting your operations. With our in-house no/low-coding platform, you create excellent technical-organizational framework conditions for your digital legal system.

Head start for all industries of any size

With solutions, law firms, legal departments and companies of all sizes and industries benefit from the advantages of digitalization. Our No-/Low-Coding (NLC) Technology gives you the freedom to decide to what extent you want to commission internal or external IT specialists with digitalization. We can also provide you with advice on agile methods and support for change processes.


The choice is yours: prefabricated, proven standards or individual development in the shortest time possible

Our customers choose from a wide range of ready-made NLC applications or have customized software developed for individual purposes. In day-to-day business, our solutions support, among other things, the largely automated creation and efficient management of contracts, the quick and accurate adjustment of fee agreements, and the precise and rapid digital processing of entire procedures. Our highly efficient approach technically ensures that existing data, documents, and processes are seamlessly integrated wherever possible.


Integration and Cloud capability without ifs and buts

Our optimal interface management allows us to seamlessly integrate both prefabricated apps and individual customer applications into existing system landscapes. This allows you to effortlessly overcome software boundaries and gain maximum control over your processes.

ESCRIBA is multi-system capable and works smoothly on-premise, in the cloud and also in hybrid scenarios. Our extensive experience with the transfer of data and services to clouds includes all German and European cloud services, common hyperscalers and specialized providers. We also offer NORIS.NET services (BaFin-compliant) to companies with increased regulatory requirements, and the STACKIT Cloud is ideal for the public sector.

Our Platform ÔÇô your head start!

With ESCRIBA, you master the ever-increasing demands for effectiveness and efficiency on the one hand and for contribution to quality, knowledge, and risk management on the other. Once you have our technology in place, the speed, quality, and agility of your service delivery will make an independent value contribution to your company’s success. This will enable you to achieve lasting competitive advantages at a new level.

“When you digitize a crappy process, you have a shitty digital process.”

Thorsten Dirks, former Chairman of the Management Board of Telef├│nica Deutschland Holding

Whenever recurring activities can be standardized and subsequently digitized, energy and capacities are freed up for work that adds value from a legal and economic perspective.

Get the Gitbook Legal In-house Processes now!

Legal In-house Processes“, a publication by our partner Liquid Legal Institute e.V., provides a quick introduction to process management from the perspective of the legal department.

Request the link to the publication (in English) now and learn how legal departments are empowering themselves to actively manage the business, rather than being driven by the business environment.

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Example of the digital legal solutions

The term “legal tech” or “legal operations” covers a range of possible applications of digital solutions for everyday legal tasks and special tasks. The range is almost limitless. Basically, a counterpart in the form of a digital workflow can be created from any recurring manual process. At the very least, time-consuming, and error-prone work can be automated in the use and transfer of data. In most cases, however, there is much more potential for automation and optimization in legal processes than is apparent at first glance.

Last but not least, the use of technology enables lawyers to delegate tasks that are still in their hands today. Based on clear process design and content standards, certain legal tasks can be delegated to other professionals in the company or law firm. Supervision by a lawyer can be reduced to a minimum and only take place when absolutely necessary.

Legal Matter Manager

With Legal Matter Manager, you can manage all processes and assignments of your legal department or law firm – group-wide and across divisions. All legal tasks and processes can be digitally mapped and controlled via a complete and adaptive case management system. Action plans and process chains can be modeled using integrated Business Process Management (according to BPMN). This turns operational processes into digital workflows, which can then be automated in whole or in part. If necessary, the workflows can be adapted during processing, with all changes being automatically logged. In this way, legal security and case flexibility can be combined.

Thanks to our modular no/low code platform, Legal Matter Manager can be supplemented as needed with components for automated document and contract creation, release and signature processes, digital files and service portals for clients, partners, or other stakeholders.,


Virtual Board Room Manager

A Virtual Board Room Manager is a comprehensive meeting scheduling tool that can be used to conveniently organize and conduct legal-related meetings. The app takes care of invitation, deadline and data management for meetings and sessions of all kinds. In addition, the required documents can be managed centrally, made available on an authorization-controlled basis, and stored and versioned in a protocol.

Corporate Compliance Manager

The Corporate Compliance Manager is used to digitally record indications of suspected or actual violations of compliance guidelines. Possible compliance violations or suspicions can be reported via a connected portal. The underlying ticket system digitally maps the entire process from recording by the whistleblower, to routing to the right contact person, to case processing. The option to report anonymously is included in the basic functionality of the app. All case-related information, documents, correspondences, and deadlines are centered in one place, simplifying end-to-end processing even when multiple instances are involved.

NLC technology ensures that not only the reporting form can be flexibly adapted to the needs of your compliance department, but also that a digital twin of your internal rules and regulations is created with the underlying processes. Processes that have already been processed are stored in categorized form, so that the app also becomes your compliance memory.

The evaluation of all parameters with visual representation on personalized dashboards additionally forms the basis for continuous optimization.


Document and Contract Lifecycle Manager

The Document and Contract Lifecycle Manager can map the entire lifecycle of your documents and contracts. In an adaptive case management system, you conveniently control the creation, negotiation, signing and filing of documents and contracts. Previously manual sub-processes become integrated digital workflows that involve a wide range of parties in the process and automate selected process steps.

For each type of document or contract, or even for individual documents on a case-by-case basis, it is possible to define which role or person can perform and/or approve the drafting, reconciliation, and so on. In addition to simple, advanced, and qualified electronic signatures, vendor-independent approvals, facsimile signatures, and the barcode-based capture of “wet” signatures are also supported.

Contracts and documents are created via a wizard dialog and can be edited according to authorization. Our central database, in which all texts/clauses, layout information and data accesses are kept as objects, ensures that elements are stored only once but can be used in any number of documents. This makes it much easier to maintain and update templates and text elements (clause database). In addition, our diverse interfaces support the storage and transfer of data to relevant downstream systems, such as an external electronic file, SAP, or ERP backend, or even an obligation management system. 


Document and Contract Analyzer

The Document and Contract Analyzer analyzes your documents according to specific parameters and assesses whether a document or parts of the document (clauses) need further review. Since each document created with ESCRIBA has its own document DNA, dedicated data fields can be checked. Thereby it is evaluated whether a document is risky regarding previously defined parameters or standard descriptions and whether thus a further review is necessary or not.

The Document and Contract Analyzer can be individually configured and enables an auto-analysis in which each document or individual clauses within a document are compared and classified accordingly.


NDA Manager

With the NDA Manager, you create and manage your non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). Dialog-guided creation based on standardized clauses makes even complex NDAs possible in seconds. In the case of multilateral contracts, the documents are made available to the contractual partners as an attachment by e-mail or as a link to the web version and can be directly adapted and commented on during negotiations. Of course, you can also integrate internal approval processes and external signatures.

Test the NDA Manager in our Demo-Version.

The full version of NDA Manager includes a specially secured data room that you can use to separately authorize access to information and log it in a court-proof manner. With this technology, you implement the central regulatory content of your NDAs from the very first moment. In addition, you succeed in the targeted deletion of information and the proof of deletion.

Mass Claim Manager

The Mass Claim Manager is an app for the time-optimized handling as well as the punctual and individual processing of mass claims or other mass proceedings. Each individual case (individual claim) is created as a separate case in the app with the associated data (statement of claim, plaintiff, court, litigants, etc.). The app can then generate suitable responses for many cases and manage the subsequent processes behind them. In addition, the centralization of all data enables extensive evaluability and thus complete transparency of the entire process flow.

This is why legal tech works so much better with No- and Low-Coding

On the ESCRIBA No-/Low-Code (NLC) platform, powerful software applications (NLC apps) for the digitalization of a wide variety of legal tasks can be created and continuously improved with just a few clicks. The high implementation speed and solution orientation of the technology make it possible to optimize the technical-organizational framework of legal work, initially in small iterative steps, but then comprehensively and sustainably.

These are the benefits of ESCRIBA

More flexibility and shorter deployment times

The great advantage of NLC applications is that the complexity and performance grow with your needs. This is possible because we provide a full-featured and end-to-end low-code environment in which the database models, storage processes and business logics are easily adaptable. In addition, you do not run the risk of having to migrate to a new product version at regular intervals. On our NLC platform, adaptations and extensions are possible at any time and cause significantly less effort than with conventional software solutions. This means you avoid unnecessary functions and features as well as unwieldy and lengthy adaptation and release processes.

Functions tailored to your legal requirements

Based on NLC technology, legal experts are responsible for and design the content structure and design of their digital processes themselves. They are enabled to define their requirements for the use of technology and standardized processes from a professional perspective. We also offer maximum flexibility regarding technical implementation. Minor adjustments in the area of no-coding or customizing can be made directly in the app with the help of easy-to-use user interfaces.

Easy operation and maintenance with consistently lower costs

More extensive or complex changes are handled either by internal no- and low-coders or by external experts like us at ESCRIBA. This way, the costs for system adaptations and reprogramming can be reduced significantly. Especially in comparison to classic ERP systems, companies and law firms have enormous savings potential. In addition to the cost savings and the high flexibility, the simple operation, maintenance and development is another important advantage of no- and low-coding.

Automatic creation of NDAs with exclusive data room

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) protect your trade secrets, confidential information, and documents during business negotiations with external parties. Such a non-disclosure agreement is a contract that is very often concluded between business partners.

With ESCRIBA NDA Manager you not only create, negotiate, and sign your NDAs much faster and easier than before, you also automatically receive a protected data room for the exchange of confidential information and documents for each non-disclosure agreement.


The NDA Manager supports the entire contract cycle

  • dialog-guided creation of the NDA (browser-based)
  • comprehensive options for online post-processing of all contracting parties
  • automated negotiation and approval processes using integrated workflows
  • contract conclusion and signing by using digital signature
  • contract implementation, termination and, if necessary, deletion of data thanks to exclusive, secure data room

The NDA Manager gives you transparency over all data in the non-disclosure agreements as well as the associated processes. Reports in tabular and graphical form can be bundled into user-friendly dashboards. The targeted evaluation of this data is the basis for continuous improvement of processes and documents.

In addition, we provide you with an exclusive data room on our ESCRIBA platform for each NDA. This is ideally suited for the exchange of sensitive information and documents between you and your contractual partners thanks to targeted access authorizations. Above all, this enables you to log access to all exchanged documents as well as their deletion. If necessary, you will receive a comprehensive log of all activities up to the concrete proof of deletion. In this way, you can ensure that confidential documents are only viewed by people you have authorized to do so.

NDA Manager in action

Test the ESCRIBA NDA Manager and create your individual non-disclosure agreement live

Our demo gives you a first impression of how fast and easy you can create any form of documents and contracts with ESCRIBA. With our demo version, you can create an individualized draft of an NDA in no time at all, which will be sent to you by e-mail. (Currently only available in English)


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All functions of the ESCRBA NDA Manager at a glance





Create NDA

You create your NDA in a short time by entering and selecting relevant data of the contract partners.

Download document

Your NDA is generated directly and can be sent to the contract partner(s).
In the demo version, you will automatically receive the document as a PDF to the specified e-mail address.

Start signature process

After entering the authorized signatories, a signature process is started via the service of a provider.

File and manage NDAs

All master data from the NDA is available for reuse in a case management application. Deadlines with automatic notifications and escalation scenarios can be controlled on the respective cases.

Invite additional employees to collaborate

The NDA Manager can be used by several employees or partners. An authorization system controls access and permissions.

1-3 User

ab 4 User

Create new NDAs from the app

Additional NDA processes can be conveniently started directly from the NDA Manager. Thanks to the dialogue-based contract creation, even non-lawyers can create legally secure contracts.

bis 20 NDAs

ab 21 NDAs

Evaluations via clear dashboards

You always have an overview of the status, processing statuses, deadlines and tasks, and can evaluate these in a targeted manner and display them individually in graphical reports.

Protected data room for involved parties

After signature by both parties, a protected data room can be opened for each NDA case. All data accesses are logged in an audit-proof manner. Automatic notices of data deletion can be set up and verifiably documented after the expiration of the protection period.

Individual editing of clauses and texts

Customize the content of clauses and select predefined text variants.

Negotiate NDAs with contract partner(s)

Contracts often need to be renegotiated. Our post-processing mode allows you to track any edits you make.

Set user-based authorization on individual clauses

Detailed permission control down to clause level can be used to define access and editing capabilities for roles, teams, or individuals.

Define approval workflows

You can integrate workflows for your NDAs and thus automate entire process chains, e.g. multi-stage approval processes.

Define your own layouts/formats

Your NDAs are created with your letterhead or according to your corporate identity and thus always have a uniform and up-to-date design.

Create professional and digital legal operations structures with the help of no/low coding and modernize your legal service delivery.

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