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SAP, Workday and SuccessFactors

New power for your ERP systems - with integrated business tools from ESCRIBA

Strong software is the foundation for collaborative and efficient work. But even comprehensive ERP systems, such as SAP or Workday, do not offer all the functions you need in your daily business. We add your desired functions to your ERP or other existing systems - through apps from our software catalog or apps developed specifically for you. The best part? Our optimized interface management fully integrates individual and prefabricated apps into your existing system landscape. With ESCRIBA, you can overcome software boundaries and obtain maximum control over your processes.

We are Enterprise-ready! ESCRIBA is your contact for SAP / ERP extensions

Even beyond the German-speaking area, companies know ESCRIBA as a manufacturer of forward-looking no- and low-code solutions in the field of document creation and service management.

But we know: Apps and software solutions must not only be convincing in their own right, but also fit seamlessly into an existing enterprise structure. The majority of our customers already work with established systems for data management, such as SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA, SAP HCM, SuccessFactors or Workday, which cover a large part of the core business. While developing new pioneer software, we therefore always have the integration into larger backends in mind.

We take care of the integration, you enjoy the results.

You don’t have to choose between the advantages of an ERP system and an agile solution.

ESCRIBA blurs the boundaries between the two worlds and inspires you with deeply integrated no- and low-coding solutions.

The link between ESCRIBA software and existing backend systems is the ESCRIBA Integration Server (EIS). The EIS acts as a data hub that can read, process and even write back information between our apps and ERP systems. For example, if SAP HCM master data is adjusted in an ESCRIBA app, the associated record in SAP is automatically updated. EIS also allows multiple backend integrations to be used simultaneously in one application. Hybrid scenarios of on-premise and cloud solutions are also possible without any problems. Integration is therefore not just an empty phrase with us, but a concept that opens up endless possibilities for you.

With the help of our clever integration approach, we can provide excellent extensions for SAP On-premise, S/4HANA, SuccessFactors, Workday, and many other systems that are not included in the scope of functions by default. This enables you to better cover your individual business case, fully exploit digitization potential and secure competitive advantages.
Alternatively, ESCRIBA can act as a standalone backend system and replace your data-holding systems. Market-leading systems such as SAP and Workday are true powerhouses, but in day-to-day business, most departments only use a small portion of the full functionality – at full cost. A custom solution from ESCRIBA that can do exactly what you need is more cost effective, performant and manageable.

See an excerpt from our app portfolio here

HR Service Manager

HR Service Manager is our efficiency booster for HR departments. Keep track of upcoming tasks with the business transaction management or access numerous predefined workflows. With our powerful document generator, you can create complex correspondence at the push of a button or offer your employees documents in self-service – lightning fast and legally compliant.

Document Management

Digital document management is our supreme discipline. ESCRIBA is the market leader, and rightly so, because with ESCRIBA’s fully automated document processes, you can say goodbye to Word templates and work quickly, in a structured manner, and in compliance at all times.


The digital personnel file is the linchpin of a human resources department. For this reason, we have rethought the e-file from the ground up and offer it as an adaptive no- and low-code application. This means that your personnel data and documents are protected in compliance with the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO) and are accessible at all times.


Enterprise Service Management

Everyone talks about service management, we take the first step. With ESCRIBA’s ESM solutions, you create compelling and sophisticated end-to-end processes without paper jams. Take your business to the next level with automation and process optimization and leave the competition behind.

„ESCRIBA is the only provider capable of mapping the complexity inherent in documents. In combination with the deep integration into SAP, this is what makes the software so unique.“

Peer Heineken

Managing Director, docforce.

ESCRIBA is your certified partner for SAP enhancement implementation

SAP is the leading ERP system in Germany and is now used by 40% of all German companies. Despite the enormous scope of SAP, many users want add-ons and functions that are not included in the factory. Our innovative SAP tools based on no- and low-code are therefore naturally deeply integrated into SAP – regardless of whether you use SAP on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid scenario.

In addition to implementing pre-built extensions, we can also develop individual solutions for SAP. Our ESCRIBA Integration Server (EIS) is successfully certified by SAP for HANA Cloud.

Lecture and live demo

Digital HR processes end-to-end with automated data maintenance in SAP

Custom business apps unleash the full potential of SAP. Watch the full video now.

Our experts: Dr. Juergen Erbeldinger and Markus Görtz
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Data maintenance in SAP made easy

ESCRIBA can read and write all data from SAP via its bidirectional interface. In SAP, every existing data field can be read by ESCRIBA and even edited by means of data write-back. The data originates either from entries in the wizard dialog or from calculations with existing backend or manually entered data. Thus it is possible for us to program depth-integrated extensions for SAP without causing data chaos or duplicate entries.

SAP Tools from ESCRIBA – All advantages at a glance

  • Compatible with SAP ERP, SAP HCM, and SAP S/4HANA
  • Can also be used in hybrid scenarios
  • Extensive app catalog for SAP
  • Integration into SAP GUI
  • Read and write back data from the SAP backend
  • Automation and performance enhancement for your business processes

„ESCRIBA has been successfully in use at KIT since 2010 with several expansion stages. Thanks to the deep integration into SAP HCM, our HR employees work very frequently with ESCRIBA and are thus efficiently supported in document creation for many HR processes. ESCRIBA is particularly helpful in contract management but also for other documents in order to be able to process the procedures.“

Viviane Lachmann

Personnel Officer, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)

Experience the full potential of Workday

Workday combines HR and financial management in one application. But even the best software has its limits – therefore we offer many exciting services and solutions for Workday. Especially when it comes to document management and digital processes, business tools from ESCRIBA such as HR service management and automated document creation are indispensable.

The ESCRIBA Enterprise Integration Server (EIS) ensures that ESCRIBA and Workday always access the same database – so there is always only one data set according to the single source of truth principle. The EIS can also act as a data hub between SAP, Workday and other applications, linking multiple systems together – so you always have full control over your data and processes.

Especially in the HR and Finance application areas, a large number of documents based on facts and data are required on a daily basis. ESCRIBA and Workday can reach their full potential in combination: successfully process and manage business processes with our no- and low-code applications for Workday.

Did you know? ESCRIBA also works as a multi-system solut

You use Workday or Successfactors together with SAP-ERP? With the ESCRIBA Integration Server (EIS) we can dock to multiple backends in parallel. This makes it child’s play to move data back and forth between SAP, SuccessFactors, Workday and ESCRIBA business apps.

Workday Services from ESCRIBA – that is your added value

  • Access to all relevant data stored in Workday
  • Extensive app catalog for Workday
  • On Premise or in the Cloud
  • Extension software for Workday
  • Pre-built data fields

ESCRIBA and SuccessFactors – strongest together

SuccessFactors is SAP’s cloud-based human experience management software and the first choice for many HR employees. Therefore, all our business applications, such as HR Service Management , digital signature or e-file offer an integration option with SuccessFactors.

As your partner, ESCRIBA ensures that perfect documents and workflows are created based on facts and data. From the beginning of a process to its completion – digital end-to-end processes without system breaks make everyday work much easier and increase quality and efficiency.

ESCRIBA can access all data in SuccessFactors that is available via the OData API. So you don’t have to completely rebuild your IT landscape and can easily integrate ESCRIBA’s practical no – and low-code services into your system. Even in a hybrid solution with an SAP ERP system and SuccessFactors, you can choose ESCRIBA without hesitation due to its multi-system capability.

SuccessFactors & ESCRIBA – All advantages

  • Innovative cloud solution
  • Highest standards for security and compliance
  • Extensive app catalog for SuccessFactors
  • Read and write back data from SAP SF
  • Individual software solutions

Are you using other software or are you in the process of migrating your system landscape?

Especially the parallel use of dedicated departmental software in combination with enterprise-wide SAP or the move from an on-premise solution to the cloud can present companies with enormous challenges.

We have also been able to successfully implement interfaces to systems such as Kidicap, Aconso, d.vinci and Oracle. Our open approach allows us to serve any system that has an API and design suitable extensions.

We are happy to take time for you and plan an individual solution with you. With more than 25 years of experience in the enterprise environment, ESCRIBA is your competent partner at eye level for software development.

These companies trust in ESCRIBA

Fast. Faster. No- and low-code.

Existing systems into which you have to integrate new things make IT innovations notoriously difficult. The path from the idea to the digital product is much longer, technical trifles slow down innovation. Fortunately, there is ESCRIBA’s no- and low-code platform.

Our applications are based on our own software platform. Using this environment, we can develop our software up to 5x faster than with traditional coding.

Apps from ESCRIBA are less error-prone because our developers can reuse proven modules and code sections over and over again. Eliminating redundant steps and keeping our teams agile leads to shorter release cycles and better results. Over time, this has allowed us to build an impressive portfolio of ready-to-use products for a wide variety of departments. No-coding elements allow departments to make changes to the software themselves and tailor it to their personal needs.

ESCRIBA is the solution if you cannot decide between a classic ERP system and an agile solution. With deeply integrated no- and low-coding solutions in SAP, SuccessFactors and Workday, ESCRIBA blurs the lines between the two worlds.

ENERCON has stood forleading innovations in wind energy since 1984.

Together, we reinvented digital document creation and accelerated the hiring process by 78%. Read the full success story here.

Generate digital documents from SAP, SuccessFactors and Workday

DDocuments are still one of the most important points of contact with customers, employees and partners. That is why our EDS (ESCRIBA Document Services) is particularly strong in all processes that involve documents. This innovative module can be used together with all our ERP extensions – thus we consistently avoid media breaks. Benefit from our experience from more than 300 projects in the context of ERP systems and document management.

Create any form of correspondence – whether contracts, documents, mails, attachments, brochures – highly automated: ideally with a single button click from the ERP system. Of course, multiple systems, whether on-premise or cloud-based, can be connected simultaneously and the data from the different systems can be mixed in the document.

In ESCRIBA SAP Generator, the event-driven and free generation of individual and quantity documents from any external system takes place. The document generation and management is available to the end user via an interface integrated in the SAP GUI.

Documents are automatically assigned to various persons and processes in the system, for example, by assigning them to the employee concerned, to the SAP user creating the document, or even to contracts or accounts in customer relationship management.

Digital document management has never been easier.

Technology leader

ESCRIBA is the technology leader in the field of rule-based document creation. We offer a wide range of ready-to-use document templates for all common document types.

Authorization control

All document-related processes can be precisely controlled by assigning person- and role-related authorizations down to text block level.

Follow-up versions

Generate variations and subsequent versions of documents that have already been created. Jump back to any point in the document using Jump & Edit.


Easily create documents in multiple languages - regardless of the language currently used in the user interface.

ESCRIBA is your reliable partner

100+ enthusiastic customers

Fast go-live thanks to no- and low-coding technology

Experts for the German-speaking cultural and legal area

Integration Software made by ESCRIBA – The EIS

The ESCRIBA Integration Server (EIS) was developed to connect ESCRIBA to external systems and to transfer data. The EIS is used to manage document orders, to obtain data from any external (third-party) systems and to store the generated documents – either in a separate data storage or via open interfaces in an electronic file or storage solution.

The web-based User Manager for user and role administration is available for the EIS connections. Users can only perform the actions and tasks for which they are authorized. This protects your data from unauthorized access and ensures a high compliance standard at all times.

In addition to SAP, the EIS can connect to the following external systems:

  • SuccessFactors
  • Workday
  • Relational databases via JDBC (e.g. Oracle).
  • Digital files
  • File adapters (for Excel files, for example)
  • HR software such as Kidicap and d.vinci
  • Other applications via web services

The connection of other data sources can be done on request. Feel free to contact us for an individual consultation.

The SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) has certified that ESCRIBA Integration Server meets the guidelines for operation in the Business Technology Platform (BTP). Partner applications built on the BTP provide cloud-native functionality for SAP Saas solutions such as SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Fieldglass®, and SAP S/4HANA®.

ESCRIBA as SAP / ERP alternative

Most service organizations use ERP systems to support their daily work. Often, companies opt for comprehensive tools such as SAP, SuccessFactors or Workday. In our experience, however, these suites are often oversized, with companies paying the full license and operating fees but using only a fraction of the functionality.

In the past, ESCRIBA has successfully replaced ERP systems in individual departments or company-wide. To do this, we review your software portfolio and replace costly software with reliable and cost-effective no- and low-code solutions. These are tailored exactly to your processes and are easy to use and adapt even for non-IT staff. Especially for small and medium sized companies ESCRIBA software can be a worthwhile alternative to the classic top dogs in the software market.

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