Improving the housing and living situation of residents in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Supporting the people of Freetown

Every year… we like to end the year on a positive note and give something back on behalf of our customers and partners. Instead of giving out a traditional Christmas present, we have long been supporting projects that are dedicated to protecting animals, people and the environment. This year, we chose a project that was brought to our attention by our own employees and is therefore particularly close to our hearts: improving the housing and living conditions of the residents of Freetown. We support the residents themselves in helping to build up their neighborhoods and homes.

Why does Freetown need support?

Freetown is the capital of Sierra Leone. Many people suffer from the difficult housing and living situation. Almost a third of the population lives in so-called informal settlements, i.e. in places where there is no secure ownership and no reliable infrastructure. The local administration is failing – partly due to excessive demands – to supply these rapidly growing neighborhoods with drinking water and electricity or to establish a proper waste disposal and sewage system. In all of this, temporary buildings do not adequately protect their residents and their property from the weather, pollution and possible intruders.

Community Area Action Plan (CAAP)

Our project follows on from the Community Area Action Plan (CAAP), which is based on cooperation between residents, authorities and independent urban planners. The CAAP has already been successfully tested in two districts of Freetown and is now to be continued.

We are delighted to support this project and to be committed to the people of Sierra Leone and to creating livable neighborhoods in Freetown. With this in mind, the entire ESCRIBA family wishes you a heart-warming holiday season and an eventful New Year.  


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