Efficient, automatable and legally compliant

Digital document management

Tired of spending hours editing the same templates over and over again? You want to optimize and accelerate your process?

With ESCRIBA you create complex and highly individual documents easily and in seconds.

Every company needs to manage documents. A document is basically nothing more than the written representation of a fact at a specific point in time. The document – whether analog or digital – is usually considered a binding declaration and obligates the actors to take certain actions. Documents thus establish legal relationships.

Anyone who creates a large number of documents in different contexts and with varying subject matter knows the challenge of ensuring that the content in all documents meets existing operational and legal requirements and is congruent with the data in the systems.

That’s why we at ESCRIBA have developed a professional document management system that helps you to create individual and highly complex documents in a legally flawless manner – easily, quickly, and conveniently.

Where other systems find their limits, the document management of ESCRIBA really starts.

With ESCRIBA, cross-person, cross-department, and cross-company workflows in the context of document creation, approval and management can be conveniently controlled and greatly simplified.

ESCRIBA - so simple, so fast, so reliable

All you have to do:

  • Select the required document directly in your backend system (e.g., SAP)
  • Select the relevant employee directly in the system
  • Select output channel/ workflow

From then on, ESCRIBA takes over for you:

  • Choosing the right template with the appropriate layout
  • Header, footer, logo, and other fixed components are inserted according to the current specifications and the document type you have chosen
  • All data is imported directly from where it is stored at your end
  • Missing information is requested from you via a wizard
Workflow Dokumentenerstellung mit ESCRIBA

With just a few clicks, you have a high-quality document that meets all corporate design and compliance requirements.

Suitable for any area, for example:

  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Real Estate
  • Sales
  • Shared Services
  • Finance

The more demanding the requirements for a document become, the more sophisticated the technology must be, that realizes the digital document creation. This is precisely why more than 100 companies already rely on ESCRIBA – including:

Why should companies create their documents automatically?

More quality & fewer errors

Avoid errors during creation – reduce the need for corrections

Increased efficiency

Significantly shorter turnaround times and fewer stakeholders for the entire document process, from document creation and approval workflows to filing and archiving

Automatic workflow

Created documents can be automatically approved, signed, forwarded, saved, and archived

Time and cost savings

Up to 90% of working time can be saved in the creation and further processing of documents

Complex dependencies without extra effort

Dependencies, conditions, validations, and calculations enable even the simplest creation of highly complex documents

No programming effort – flexible & fast

Without programming knowledge, all document types and templates can be created and updated very easily and quickly

Secure significant ESCRIBA benefits now and say goodbye to your Word templates.

This is how document creation with ESCRIBA works

We have developed dynamic document creation with ESCRIBA. This means that document-specific data follows rule-based logics, the result of which flows directly into the document. For example, complex and multilingual employment contracts are child’s play to create. Once the desired document has been created, it can be printed via connected devices or service providers, sent by e-mail and, if desired, automatically stored in an electronic file or in another storage location..

With ESCRIBA you can start document creation directly from your leading system – no matter if you work in SAP, SuccessFactors, Workday or any other backend. With one mouse click you decide for whom which document should be generated. ESCRIBA takes care of the rest: document generation, forwarding, signing filing or triggering further automated process steps.




Data becomes documents

With ESCRIBA, you create documents with a wide range of properties and formats. ESCRIBA does not use static templates such as in Word, but accesses document modules dynamically as well as the data of all integrated systems.

  • Classic templates are replaced by dynamic document blueprints – they specify which elements should be in which position
  • Data stored in systems are read and used directly from there: Text elements, numeric values, images, etc.
  • The contents are compiled rule-based directly during generation based on the stored logics and the used data.
  • Calculations, validations, format conversions, etc. are performed based on existing data.
  • Missing data can be added manually via logically structured assistance queries
  • Layout and content are aligned with the retrieved and entered data

The result is highly individualized documents, automatically tailored to the individual facts of the case.

  • Job references
  • Certificates
  • Offers
  • Contracts
  • Letters
  • Forms
  • Certificates
  • Tender documents
  • Order confirmations
  • Manuals
  • Testimonials
  • Invoices
  • Reminders
  • and much more.
Did not found the right solution?
No problem: Thanks to our unique no/low coding technology, we can solve any of your problems individually. Just get in touch with us.

Data from backend systems

ESCRIBA also handles versioning, indexing and linking of documents with business objects in the backend systems. Typical business objects are personal data of clerks, employees, or customers as well as data of deliveries, orders, machines etc. All documents are stored automatically after creation and archived if necessary. They are therefore always kept centrally and are available decentral at any time. As soon as a document is requested, ESCRIBA first checks the available data:

Supplementary data input

If not all relevant information for the document to be created is available, ESCRIBA queries it with the help of convenient wizard dialogs. The manually supplemented data is permanently stored in the order and can be retrieved for subsequent processes and documents or also written back to connected systems.

Data-based authorizations and access

ABased on the user data of the leading system, access rights to the document or even to individual parts of a document are assigned for all persons involved. It is also defined on the basis of the data to whom the generated documents are to be sent or made available via workflow.

The high level of automation and prefabrication ensures cost and time savings with significantly improved quality. ESCRIBA ensures that the right content is used depending on the data and that corporate design specifications are implemented. Automation systematically eliminates sources of error.

Data per mouse click

ESCRIBA reads the data for the respective fields directly from your database. This means that the data is inserted by mouse click and no longer by hand. This increases efficiency, reduces errors and saves costs.

Central and transparent

All templates are available in a central directory. Individual characteristics are currently compiled automatically based on the data, if necessary, also from different systems, such as SAP, SuccessFactors, Workday, etc. It does not matter whether it is a single document, a serial letter, or a quantity order. Additional information can also be provided by importing Excel or csv lists.

Assistants help

If not all the required data is in the backend, it can be conveniently added via wizard queries. The wizard can also be used to decide between several variants of an issue. This means that a clear dialog guides the user through all open questions. Data entered can be saved in the connected system via a write-back function

Our technology enables the most demanding documents to be created faster, better and, above all, in compliance with operational and legal regulations. In addition to optimized document creation, these can also be integrated into workflows, output via different channels (multi-channel) and managed centrally on one platform (filing, archiving, access, etc.).

The ENERCON success story

ENERCON successfully uses ESCRIBA for automated creation of employment contracts


faster hiring process





hours of workload saved

„With ESCRIBA and the digital signature, we were able to reduce the process for contract creation from 6.25 hours to just 45 minutes. Processes that previously took several weeks can now be completed in one day. “
Anke Klöpper

Project Manager at ENERCON GmbH

Post-edit documents individually – or not

Despite all the preset diversity, it may be necessary to rework documents: One time it is necessary to add small individual additions that are not created in the standard, another time greater flexibility is to be achieved for complex subject matter. Good document software also offers the greatest possible flexibility in text postprocessing while maintaining the same quality standards.

Simple and traceable postprocessing

One option of postprocessing is the selection from different predefined variants for a subject. A clear preview informs about the contents of the respective variants, a comparison function illustrates their differences immediately.

Compliance policies may require locking entire documents or specific text blocks (paragraphs) for individual post-editing. For this reason, ESCRIBA allows post-processing to be regulated individually for each text block and even controlled on a role-based basis. With integrated workflows, post-processing can also be set as requiring approval, so that it must then be automatically released or adjusted by an authorized person.

If the user is authorized to do so, text passages can be freely edited manually. Changes are highlighted in color and can be compared with the original wording (redlining). In addition, every change is precisely documented and logged in the software.

Once the document is final, no further changes can be made without generating a new version of the document. Revision security is guaranteed and compliance requirements are extensively considered.

Complex, more complex, ESCRIBA Functions

Whenever documents and business processes are automated that are based on complex arithmetic operations, our extension ESCRIBA Functions comes into play.

With ESCRIBA Functions, much more than simple mathematical calculations are possible. The Functions can calculate data based on complex criteria and validate user input in wizard dialogs. All results from such calculations can also be processed further or written back to the corresponding backend system.

Examples of useful ESCRIBA Functions:

  • Calculations of any kind such as salary components
  • Determination of data based on complex criteria such as collective wage agreement salaries
  • Validation of user input such as e-mail address (formal structure) and IBAN (structure and number of digits)
  • Conversion from text to number or from number to text
  • Date calculations such as deadlines
  • Determination of data based on user input such as day of week from date or bank name from IBAN or city from postal code
  • Comparison of values or dates with each other
  • Currency conversion at the daily rate
  • Checking of dependencies or compliance with conditions
  • Input validation also against the leading backend system

ESCRIBA Release 1.8: What’s new in the latest long-term release?

  • Maintenance and support secured for at least five years
  • Possibility of short-term support exists
  • Dynamic document creation not only in Web Composer, but also in the rich client
  • Optimized for cloud operation
  • Certification, online academy, and community with expert consultation hours
  • New interface languages for Composer – now available in 29 languages
  • Improved connectivity and optimized interaction with cloud applications such as Workday, SuccessFactors or ServiceNow as well as our own no/low coding platform
  • Improved search function
  • Optimized post-editing capabilities in Libre Office as well as on the web: Text modules can be locked with variant selection for manual post-processing
  • Simple documents or parts of them can be output in *.docx file format

ESCRIBA – your professional for automated documents for over 20 years

With ESCRIBA you can create high-quality and individual documents in any form and digitally control associated processes with the simplest of means. Our modern technology supports individual companies, corporations, and IT service providers in fully automated and interactive document creation from any external system, such as SAP, SuccessFactors and Workday.

We have been on the market with ESCRIBA for more than 20 years, are strongly rooted in the DACH region and have already successfully implemented more than 300 digitalization projects with a focus on HR for and with our customers.

Powerful integration – connecting all systems

Even the best software reaches its limits when unnecessary manual work and media breaks complicate processes or errors creep in. With ESCRIBA, you enjoy the benefits of automatic document creation fully integrated into your system landscape.

SAP HCM S/4 HANA, HRX, ERP, CRM, SuccessFactors …

ESCRIBA perfectly complements HRX, ERP and CRM systems. They are a perfect match due to their forward-looking technologies. SAP, SuccessFactors or Workday support you in HR strategy, workforce planning and workforce analysis? ESCRIBA ensures that perfect documents and the associated workflows are created from the systems based on rules and data.

Data from Excel, csv, or SQL

The integrated Excel generator can upload data from a csv list, for example. Documents are created from the data provided by Excel, which are then used for further processing. ESCRIBA also provides an interface and corresponding interface generators for SQL databases.

Multi-System integration

ESCRIBA technology is consistently geared towards multi-system use. On-premises, cloud and hybrid system environments are supported. This means that data from different sources can be merged in a new document. It is also possible to start document generation directly from an Employee Self Service (ESS) or Manager Self Service (MSS).

ESCRIBA can access all data in the connected backend systems that are available via a suitable interface. The connecting piece between both systems is the ESCRIBA Integration Server, successfully certified by SAP.

„With the introduction of ESCRIBA, we have been able to optimise a number of document processes and adapt them to our complex requirements with the help of SAP integration. Especially in the constantly changing world of work, it is crucial for us to be able to react quickly to changes (e.g. in current legislation). As a designer, I appreciate the opportunity to make changes directly and independently for our team.“ Viviane Lachmann

Human Resources Officer, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)

Free Download: EDS Feature Paper

ESCRIBA Enterprise Document Services – much more than just a DMS

From automated creation to archiving and integrated follow-up processes. ESCRIBA EDS is the technology for simple and secure document processes.

We have clearly illustrated and described in detail the diverse functions and possibilities based on the different stages of a document.

The EDS Feature Paper is therefore particularly suitable for researching your tenders or for direct submission to your project management, your purchasing department or as a document for the upcoming management meeting.

Download function overview for free

Get all the features of ESCRIBA document creation clearly laid out as a download now.

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Document management for human resources department

Bureaucratic tasks take up an unnecessary amount of time in many HR departments and HR Shared Service Centers. Employees are tied down by time-consuming, repetitive, and error-prone activities, and service quality and strategic tasks suffer as a result.

HR systems such as SAP HRX, SuccessFactors or Workday make everyday work easier, but their on-board tools for the many different document processes fall short of the quality, compliance and efficiency standards of demanding HR managers. That’s why more than half of the DAX and MDAX companies as well as many medium-sized companies already rely on ESCRIBA.

All documents and cover letters as well as e-mails belonging to a business transaction can be created and sent in a very efficient way with ESCRIBA. Necessary coordination and signature processes and audit-proof archiving in the digital personnel file are directly automated. This saves time and creates space for other value-adding activities.

Benefits for your digital HR strategy

  • Increased efficiency in all document-based processes
  • Increase in service quality with consistent resources
  • Error-free and CI-compliant documents
  • Ensuring policy-compliant work and compliance
  • Multi-client deployment with alignment to national and international shared service centers

Advantages for your operative personnel tasks

  • Significantly faster processing times in document creation
  • Repetitive tasks are automated
  • No media disruptions and duplicate entries in different systems
  • Templates can be found quickly and are always up to date
  • Compliance with labor law and internal regulations is ensured on a rule-based basis
  • Documents look consistent even without reformatting
  • More efficient internal approval processes thanks to automated workflows and digital approval/signature

We would be happy to show you the special possibilities of ESCRIBA for your specific challenges. Contact our experts for more information, a non-binding consultation or a demo appointment.

Digital documents in combination with the digital file

In the digital phttps://www.escriba.de/en/digital-file/https://www.escriba.de/en/digital-file/ersonnel file, all important personnel documents, such as employment contracts, changes in working hours, vacation requests, and much more, are bundled in one virtual location. The days of HR employees spending hours searching for the right file in various cabinets are now a thing of the past. All documents in the e-file can be accessed from anywhere at any time and can be viewed by several people simultaneously. The logical filing structure and marking with keywords or labels also enables documents to be automatically stored in the right place. A full-text search with text recognition additionally facilitates the retrieval of information.

Thanks to the differentiated role and authorization concept, it is ensured that only authorized persons are granted access to the respective documents and are allowed to read, edit and/or delete them. This access can be controlled very specifically within a file for defined areas or document types. This means that employees have access to different documents than their managers or HR staff. DSGVO requirements and internal guidelines can thus be implemented in a rule-compliant manner with convenient data access at the same time

The digital file therefore not only simplifies the everyday work of HR departments, but also opens up many other advantages and possibilities through the link to a self-service portal.

multi-tenancy, document governance and compliance

ESCRIBA is the only document management system that offers multi-level system landscapes (incl. recovery and, if desired, hot swap stage). Due to the powerful transport system, time-critical changes can be mitigated, rule-based texts can be extensively tested and specifically released. Only perfect and tested document blueprints reach the production system from development via quality assurance. The ESCRIBA domain and authorization concept regulates the cooperation of different legal entities or departments and organizes who is allowed to create or access which documents. This guarantees legally compliant versioning, comprehensive recoverability, and high security in operation.

All processes can be controlled precisely down to the level of text blocks or clauses by assigning person- and role-related authorizations. You can define responsibility for each text block. In this way, you can ensure that the correct data and content are included in your documents. This eliminates the possibility of serious errors due to incorrect data or disputable wording. In addition, you create transparency as to which obligations your company has entered based on documents and contracts. In this way, you create the basis for a company-wide set of rules for dealing with documents and retain control over all content (document governance).

Our technology is therefore particularly suitable for complex corporate structures and groups, where other systems often reach their limits. ESCRIBA is already enterprise-ready in the standard version and ensures compliance with complex operational and legal requirements. This noticeably reduces the workload of those responsible, lowers operating costs and sustainably reduces compliance and liability risks.

No- and Low-Coding Technology – the secret behind document management functionality and agility

No- and Low-Coding is a modern way of software development, where code is no longer written manually, but applications are created with prefabricated code building blocks. Over the last two decades, we have continuously developed our document management with our customers and are now the technology leader in document generation and automation. In the past five years, we have made document generation no/low code capable and integrated it into our platform. This provides our customers with the full range of services for the digitalization of document-intensive processes: a powerful electronic file, adaptive case management and a complete business process management system (BPMN 2.0).

The added value of no- and low-code
Interview with Dr. Juergen Erbeldinger

Play Video
No- and low-code platforms are not in competition with existing ERP and CRM systems but are the ideal complement. Anyone who wants to quickly establish digital business processes and applications today can no longer avoid no- and low-coding.

In addition, ESCRIBA offers a lever for the establishment and expansion of a self-service portfolio in the web context (portal) and, at the same time, a link for the realization of cross-person and distributed workflows in day-to-day business. This creates a solid basis for a continuous, seamless, and consistent document-centric process design that integrates seamlessly with existing workflow systems. This provides you with a flexible tool for the management of service processes as well as their continuous optimization.

Christian Keller

Christian Keller
Business Development

Do you have any questions about ESCRIBA and our software solutions?

Then please feel free to make an appointment with me directly. We will discuss your requirements and possible solutions based on the ESCRIBA ECAP NLC platform in a personal meeting. I look forward to your enquiry.

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