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ENERCON and ESCRIBA: rethinking HR processes

ENERCON GmbH, with more than 12,000 employees worldwide, is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of wind turbine manufacturing. The technology group stands for sustainable energy solutions and thus makes an enormous contribution to climate protection and a future free of fossil fuels.


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Digitization is the key to more automation

ENERCON’s human resources department has to deal with different documents every day. There were multiple versions of documents on various devices in the past, and files often had to be printed, signed, and scanned multiple times. The average human effort for the employment contract process was more than 1,000 hours per year.

“In some cases, employment contracts with more than 60 pages of attachments were sent to the applicant. However, some documents, such as the gift guidelines, are completely irrelevant for the future employee at this stage.” says Anke Klöpper, who is responsible for the digitization project.

In order to automate HR processes, it was clear to her and the management that a software solution was needed. Eventually, this should relieve HR departments of their daily duties while achieving a high level of compliance and security within the company.

  As one of the world’s leading companies in the field of wind energy, ENERCON has been setting new standards with its technological innovations for decades. Sector: Renewable Energy  Foundation: 1984 Headquarters: Aurich / Germany

Enthusiasm among the professional users

Human resources staff at ENERCON were involved in the project from the beginning and contributed ideas and wishes. After the conception phase, ESCRIBA software was used to model first simple documents and processes, then increasingly complex ones. The result exceeded all expectations: A total of 75 Word documents have been reduced by ESCRIBA to 30 dynamic templates, enabling authors to create not only the standard document, but also its different variants with a few mouse clicks – and all in a secure, version-controlled manner.

„With ESCRIBA and the digital signature, we were able to reduce the process for creating employment contracts from 6.25 hours to just 45 minutes. Processes that previously took several weeks can now be completed in one day.“

Anke Klöpper

Project manager at ENERCON GmbH 

In the past, creating an employment contract was extremely complex, since different document templates had to be searched for, adapted, and combined based on the type of contract.

Thanks to the ESCRIBA document and workflow solution, ENERCON’s HR department reduced the process by more than 75% to 248 hours a year in the first step. The integration of the digital signature is planned as the next milestone. This would enable a further saving of 120 hours per year, which would result in a reduction of the process time by almost 90 percent.

The human resources department benefits enormously from this growth
productivity and shorter process times. 

Zeitaufwand für Dokumentenerstellung mit ESCRIBA bei ENERCON

ESCRIBA: a strategic partner

Peer Heineken, who was supported by ENERCON as an independent consultant, quickly realized that ESCRIBA Document- and Workflow-Technologie was the only way to achieve the company’s objectives. With the ESCRIBA components based on No- and Low-Code, rule-based documents can be created automatically, processes digitally represented, and roles and rights be assigned to each participant.

„ESCRIBA is the only provider capable of mapping complex documents. The deep integration with SAP makes this software so unique.“

Peer Heineken

CEO docforce. 

Employee perspective on processes

ESCRIBA offers an extensive application catalog which covers all HR services and also benefits from maturity in document technology. Documents and workflows are only the beginning of digital transformation. 

This includes the digital file, a self-service portal for employees and HR service management in the form of a ticket system. Thanks to the no- and low-coding approach, these applications can be personalized and expanded at any time, which means that digitization in the company can be expanded step by step.

Digitization continues

The digitization project was a complete success for ENERCON and ESCRIBA. Together, we were able to accelerate HR processes, optimize workflows and create a technical basis for the future. The success story doesn’t stop there because ENERCON wants to continue to follow the path towards process digitization.

Other processes, workflows and documents are automated, continuously developed and adapted to the needs of employees.

„Digitalization is a living process. By using ESCRIBA, we aren’t tied to long-standing release cycles, but can also create new documents, processes, and interfaces as required.”

Anke Klöpper

Project manager at ENERCON GmbH

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