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ESCRIBA rethinks the digital file – with a focus on the user

Digitization has opened up a world of opportunities for companies. One of the most impactful changes in the digital age has been the development and implementation of digital personnel files and digital personnel management. In ESCRIBA’s digital file, you can easily store all documents and information centrally in one place, maintain them and process them from there. You yourself define access authorizations and assign fixed roles within your company. The structure of the e-file is based entirely on your ideas and the requirements of your company or department.

Thanks to our unique software, we can create efficient workflows around your digital personnel file and automate recurring processes. Thanks to the integrated search function, you can also search in scanned documents and find the right document in seconds.

  • Files accessible everywhere
  • Save, view and process documents
  • Full text search for different document types and scanned documents
  • Filing structure can be customized
  • Link files to automated workflows
  • All requirements for meeting DSGVO and compliance guidelines

ESCRIBA’s e-file for human resources gives you all the tools you need for seamless compliance with the DSGVO guidelines. With our software, you can archive your files in an audit-proof manner and in line with the compliance requirements. In this way, you not only reduce the administrative effort, but also mitigate the risk of sanctions or data leaks.

Keep everything in sight

Our digital personnel file is as adaptable as you want it to be. Our in-house no- and low-code software enables flexible customization of interface and functionalities – for the most part, even without IT knowledge.

Whether PDFs, Word documents, scanned contracts or other formats. Upload, store, organize, display, send, process or delete – everything is possible with our e-file. With ESCRIBA you gain full control over your data and documents, always and everywhere.

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The 4 most important reasons to digitize your personnel file immediately


Finally, you can access personnel files outside the office. Regardless, if you’re in home-office or on a business trip.

Integration without compromise

The digital personnel file is connected directly to your backend system. No data loss, no media breaks, no detours.


Our e-file is fully customized to your needs. Whether file structures, color schemes or a custom screen layout.


Digitize your file in a DSGVO-compliant manner, taking all compliance guidelines into account.

The ESCRIBA personnel file:

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How are electronic personnel files better than paper ones?

A digital personnel file offers numerous advantages over the classic paper file. It not only facilitates the daily work of the HR department, but also offers useful services for all employees of your company.

Advantages from the HR perspective

  • Filing and creation of all relevant documents
  • Management of specific employee documents including approvals and signatures
  • Automated deletion of documents after the legitimate interest has ceased to exist
  • Automated creation of certificates
  • Digital provision of documents for employees

Advantages from the employee’s point of view

  • Inspection of selected documents and certificates
  • Requests for certificates to be generated individually
  • Participation in digital signature processes
  • Can be linked to self-service processes for document requests

Documents in the file? Our daily business!

With over two decades of experience in the area of digital document management, we are the perfect partner for all companies that need to process a large number of documents on a daily basis.

The digital document storage ensures easy management and use of documents and information. The data is converted into a secure format when it is filed and is immediately available through the integrated full-text search. This allows users to search for specific files or to browse the full text. A variety of search criteria, such as names, document types, metadata and tags/labels, make it easy to find the information required.

Older versions of documents are also saved in the and can be retrieved at any time. Changes and accesses can be tracked in detail via the document history.

Combined power in the HR Service Manager

The digital personnel file is just one of many available components. With the HR Service Manager, in addition to the e-file, you also get access to a ticket system, a self-service portal and many other functions that your HR department needs.

  • Generation, storage and editing of documents in or from the platform
  • Generate and manage document versions
  • Upload and download documents
  • Full text search in documents
  • Integrated search for people and associated information such as documents and communications
  • Reliable document generation with direct electronic signature and storage in the digital personnel file of the employee concerned

Highest standards for DSGVO and security

The protection of personnel data is our top priority. Through several overlapping data protection measures, we ensure that your data in the digital personnel file is securely protected against unauthorized access by third parties. Data is transferred using the latest encryption methods, and access is restricted to registered clients only.

Our security concept is based on the ‘single source of truth’ principle. With this concept, we ensure that all changes are documented, thus laying the foundation for compliance requirements and DSGVO-compliant work. The rule-based deletion function supports the implementation and mapping of internally and/or externally specified retention periods.

Do not compromise on data protection – the ESCRIBA e-file offers the highest security standard for digital personnel files.

Authorizations and roles in the digital file

The flexible and user-defined authorization concept regulates who can access which files and documents. Assign permanent and temporary rights to the roles in your company. Via the central authorization control, functions such as reading, changing, deleting are decisively controlled down to the document level.

A special feature of the ESCRIBA personnel file is that you can also release documents partially. Thus, depending on the role of the user, certain sections can be completely blocked, or can only be changed after release by another user, such as the manager.

With a connection to your existing ERP system, we can also access the employee roles from the backend and assign them to specific document rights.

The digital file – what you need to know

What is the digital file and who needs it?

In general, the digital file is similar to the traditional paper file. The basic idea is that all employee documents such as employment contracts, changes in working hours, vacation requests, etc. are bundled in one place.  The digital personnel file is a convenient and modern way to always have all important information at hand. Distributed access means that the file can be viewed by several people at the same time and can be accessed from anywhere, for example from the home office.

A sophisticated role and authorization concept ensures that only authorized persons are allowed to view and edit files. In this way, the personal data of your employees is optimally protected. Thanks to storage on a secure server, the file is also protected against fire, theft or natural disasters.

Structure of an e-file

All documents that are contained in paper form can also be found in the e-file. They are scanned and stored in the corresponding digital folders. Text recognition can then also be used to search for keywords within the file.

The digital file is not only faster and simpler, but also much more versatile. The HR department can thus save additional time and the workflow is facilitated. By linking to a self-service portal, employees can easily generate certificates themselves. E-mails and other digital correspondence can also be stored directly in the file – for a better overview and less paperwork.

Modern e-files, such as the digital file from ESCRIBA, also allow tickets to be created for work tasks or detailed reports to be pulled from personnel files.

What do companies need to consider when introducing the digital file?

You should seek professional support before embarking on a major digitization project, such as introducing a digital personnel file. The data in the personnel file is highly sensitive and subject to the provisions of the DSGVO. Additionally, secure document transfer and encryption need to be configured, user roles with rights need to be defined, and access logs need to be maintained.

Digital personnel file – what must be kept in the original?

The majority of all documents can be destroyed without hesitation after they have been successfully scanned and stored in the system. However, particularly important documents such as employment contracts should be kept in the original for security reasons, as in case of doubt in court only the paper document can provide documentary evidence.

The implementation of a digital file system can take a variety of times, depending on the size of the organization. To ensure that the changeover is successful, it is important to provide sufficient resources. In order to successfully introduce the digital file, employees must also be trained accordingly so that they can handle the system correctly.

For companies that want to go digital and eliminate paper bureaucracy, the digital personnel file is a clear advantage. As a result, you are able to manage your staff more effectively and save time and money.

The advantages of the electronic personnel file at a glance

Paper file

Standard e-file

ESCRIBA e-file

DSGVO Compliant

Accessible everywhere

Automatic data backup

Search in (scanned) document

Automatic fulfillment of deletion deadlines

Drag-and-drop functionality

Partial unlocking of documents

Integrated workflow engine

extensive reporting options

Connection to SAP/Successfactors/Workday

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