Document and Contract
Lifecycle Management

Rule-based creation, targeted negotiation and comprehensive evaluation of documents and contracts

ESCRIBA DCLM - Document and Contract Lifecycle Management

“A document is the time-related representation of a fact in a human-readable and ideally also machine-readable form with varying degrees of probative value. Documents, and contracts in particular, establish legal relationships and for this reason alone should be court-proof.”

Dr. Juergen Erbeldinger, Fundamentals of Document Governance and Maintenance, 2021

The No-/Low-Coding suite ESCRIBA Document and Contract Lifecycle Management (DCLM), comprehensively maps the lifecycle of documents and contracts as well as the associated processes.

With ESCRIBA DCLM, you achieve rapid success in optimizing your day-to-day business while establishing a sustainable system for comprehensive evaluation and continuous improvement of your processes and contract content.

We support you in achieving your operational and strategic goals.

ESCRIBA offers not only powerful technology, but above all field-proven models for establishing successful document and process governance.

Advantages and benefits of No-/Low-Coding technology

Document and Contract Lifecycle Management - ESCRIBA DCLM

Standard software usually contains a large number of functions that remain unused and at the same time lacks the functions that are actually needed. Every company has different functional user profiles and often specific roles, which are not well covered by conventional product software.

No-/Low-Code technology provides the flexibility to deliver exactly those functions in an app that are actually used and needed. User-specific interfaces can be created and adapted quickly and easily, and functions can be compiled in a targeted manner. This results in very pointed applications that are precisely tailored to the users and roles – so-called NLC apps. NLC apps interlock perfectly and can be combined to form powerful app families, the NLC suites.

NLC Suite Document and Contract Lifecycle Management

To enable you to work directly with the suite, we have already pre-packaged suitable NLC apps and the associated digital workflows. These NLC apps already comprehensively map the usual operational and strategic tasks and workflows, and can be very easily adapted, extended or supplemented by additional apps.



The DCLM Suite enables a document-centric and agile approach right from the start. You start with one document and can expand the scope of services step by step. Should you actually reach the limits of the DCLM Suite, the complete power of NLC technology is available to you and you can rely on the extensibility of the platform and our coding power.

The more intensively and comprehensively the DCLM Suite is used, the more important the issues of document and process governance become, as well as efficient document maintenance. The access to and monitoring of data contained in documents as well as the evaluation of process data around documents becomes a key factor. At this point the power of the DCLM Suite comes into its own.

Like the majority of DAX and MDAX companies, you too can benefit from our many years of experience in document and contract management. Use the NLC technology to optimize data- and document-intensive processes.

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Redesign your document and contract management from scratch and optimize all related processes with our NLC technology.


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  • Procurement, setup and maintenance of Windows and Linux systems and standard software
  • Support of our virtualized server architectures (vSphere, Horizon)
  • Administration and maintenance of user accounts, end devices and access rights (Active Directory)
  • Support in the development and administration of our own IT infrastructure in the areas of Windows and Linux servers, network and firewalls
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  • Several years of relevant professional experience in the IT environment
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  • Further development and maintenance of the core of our integration platform
  • Use as well as design and creation of REST APIs
  • Design and development of data and process integrations with systems such as SuccessFactors, Workday or Salesforce
  • Configuration of existing integration components in the project context

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  • Completed studies in (business) informatics, physics or comparable education
  • Very good knowledge of Java and Spring (boot, security, cloud, data)
  • Ideally, experience with authentication and authorization in distributed environments with OAuth and SAML
  • Interest in microservices and cloud platforms such as Cloud Foundry
  • Good knowledge of German and English