Enterprise Service Management is on the rise

ESM-Tools promise higher employee and customer satisfaction

Enterprise Service

With software and automation you create
end-to-end processes that inspire users

document creation

Even complex documents
in seconds

Document and Contract Lifecycle Management in ESCRIBA

Create documents and contracts faster, negotiate in a targeted manner, and evaluate comprehensively.

Digital Legal Operations

Digitize your legal operations with ESCRIBA NLC technology. The ESCRBA NLC platform is the perfect basis for operational excellence in legal departments and law firms.


You create and negotiate non-disclosure agreements, manage sensitive information in a protected data room, and log all access or deletion activities.

ESCRIBA and Workday

You use Workday as a cloud-based solution for managing and processing data and business processes in HR, Finance and Planning – we deliver the appropriate document technology.


Documents are still one of the most important points of contact with customers, employees and partners. ESCRIBA is the perfect complement and extension to SAP for your company in the area of documents.

ESCRIBA and SuccessFactors

Create, edit and output documents of any type and complexity directly from SuccessFactors – even from different source systems.


Leading partner for enterprise applications

A majority of DAX and MDAX companies rely on ESCRIBA technology

No-/Low-Coding Technology
Platform, modules and NLC applications

Design, build and optimize your own software and applications.

We Code
for You

Use customized applications to digitize your business processes.

Become an

Build your own NLC applications for your customers.

Become an

Build simple applications on your own or expand applications built by us. Take part in our NLC Academy.

Your Digital Business
Model as a Service

Together we create new digital business models on our NLC platform.

Information for decision-makers and interested parties

We regularly report on important developments around NLC technology, documents and digital workflows.

Study: Enterprise Service Management and digital Workflows

“84 percent of the companies want to transfer the experiences from ITSM to service management in the specialist departments.” Free Enterprise Service Management study.

SAP Add-ons from ESCRIBA for HR Professionals

With innovative and efficient add-ons and tools for SAP in the HR area

ESCRIBA Web-Konferenz HR Prozesse

Modern HR software solutions with ESCRIBA

The first step into the digital future. Optimise your HR processes together with ESCRIBA and a powerful no-/low-coding platform.

Software by conviction

We want all companies to participate sustainably in digitalization and believe No-/Low-Code to be the decisive key technology.

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