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DMW and ESCRIBA – Complete digitisation thanks to the insurance suite

We have developed several applications for the insurance sector based on the ESCRIBA ECAP NLC platform, which we have brought together in a groundbreaking suite. In close cooperation with ESCRIBA, we have adapted and further developed the NLC applications to make them a perfect fit for us. The high flexibility of ESCRIBA turned out to be one of the biggest benefits Patrick Wimmer, Managing Director of DMW Assekuranz und Risikomanagement GmbH, on the cooperation with ESCRIBA.

As a provider of risk and insurance management services, DMW Assekuranz und Risikomanagement GmbH designs and implements risk and insurance solutions for asset protection and pension provision for companies in all sectors. The ESCRIBA Insurance Manager solution suite supports them in internal structuring and administration as well as in mapping individual customer needs and services.

DMW Assekuranz und Risikomanagement GmbH offers risk and insurance management services. We design and implement risk and insurance solutions for asset protection and retirement planning for companies in all industries.

Industry: Insurance

Location: Geisenhausen – Germany

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2 Years

from idea to Go-Live

The Challenge:

Digitize over 25,000 incoming contracts daily

To maintain its lead in the market and optimize its business processes, DMW decided to digitize all of its processes and integrate interfaces with other stakeholders.

The most important goal was to map the management of more than 25,000 contracts across the entire contract lifecycle, from creation to administration to evaluation. In addition to contract management, all other document-intensive processes were to run on a flexible and fully integrated software platform.


The solution:

ESCRIBA Insurance Manager

In its search for a suitable partner, DMW chose the ESCRIBA Enterprise Compliance and Agility Platform (ECAP) for the following reasons:

  • The software solution is based on flexible No and Low-Coding (NLC) technology.
  • The ability of the ESCRIBA ECAP platform to fully map the complexity of the relevant documents.
  • Processes can be designed and adapted independently of the manufacturer

ESCRIBA convinced the customer with the necessary competence for the desired changes as well as a deep integration with SAP as the leading system.

Thanks to the NLC-based ESCRIBA ECAP platform and the ESCRIBA Insurance Manager solution implemented with it, DMW can now, among other things, map legally compliant contracts. In addition, the simple, wizard-driven user interface enables insurance brokers, for example, to create legally compliant contracts themselves. This means that all processes and documents can be digitally initiated, adapted and new processes implemented with just a few clicks. All this is fully integrated with the master data stored in SAP. Other NLC applications can be created and integrated into the IT ecosystem just as easily.

ESCRIBA not only provides the platform, but also the experts to design the processes so that they are truly digital. Digitization means not only transferring existing processes and structures to a digital format, but also adapting them so that they are optimized and, ideally, automated.


From project work to partnership development

Digitization strategy: Increasing efficiency

Increase in self-governance

Digitization Software Provider

What began as a project has since evolved into a development partnership between DMW and ESCRIBA. This is where process and platform expertise meet. As a result, both sides complement and inspire each other.

DMW recognized the potential of the no/low coding platform and successfully implemented it in the company. With a focus on agility, DMW and ESCRIBA have jointly further developed the platform and adapted it according to DMW’s requirements. The concept phase turned out to be the most intensive, but at the same time most relevant part of the digitization strategy. However, this laid a stable foundation for the success of the project. Next comes the scaling to give the project the necessary clout.

“For us, digitization doesn’t just mean converting paper to PDF and filing it away. Instead, it’s about completely rethinking – and digitally rethinking – the entire issue, such as workflows and processes. Then even an electronic document doesn’t have to be opened one by one, because the records automatically flow into the ESCRIBA Enterprise Compliance and Agility Platform and are stored directly there.“

Patrick Wimmer

Managing Director of DMW.

The result:

The Insurance Suite at DMW

Thanks to the ESCRIBA platform, DMW is now able to view, edit and manage all its clients’ contracts directly in the system. They can add new applications at any time or customize it according to their needs. In this way, DMW has developed an individual and tailor-made suite that can be adapted, developed and extended internally in a cost-effective manner and without any loss of time. This is only possible with an innovative no- and low-coding platform.

“Of course, a software investment must be profitable. This can be achieved through a proportional increase in the profit margin or through a reduction in costs. At the same time, output and the stability of the processes required to achieve it can increase significantly, regardless of the associated profit margin.“ – Patrick Wimmer, Managing Director, DMW.

The following products are implemented at DMW:

  • Contract Management
    (handling of private insurance contracts, international insurance programs)
  • Transaction Management
    (handling cross-company processes and related tasks)
  • Claims Management
    (handling of claims in real digital form)
  • Audit management
    (management of audits in the areas of fire protection, occupational safety, etc.)
  • Filing system
  • E-mail and document management.
  • History – without history, you can neither advise nor give proper advice

Three steps to success

replace existing systems without process optimization

create interfaces for reliable data quality and performance

Reduce implementation time through iterative, modular, and agile project management

Employee perspective on processes

ESCRIBA offers an extensive application catalog which covers all HR services and also benefits from maturity in document technology. Documents and workflows are only the beginning of digital transformation. This includes the digital file, a self-service portal for employees and HR service management in the form of a ticket system. Thanks to the no- and low-coding approach, these applications can be personalized and expanded at any time, which means that digitization in the company can be expanded step by step.

Business users are integrated into the processes

Although the impetus for DMW’s digitization project came from management, the implementation was carried out by employees in the specialist departments. DMW’s business users were involved in the project from the beginning, contributing their own wishes and ideas. The biggest challenge was that in some cases new applications had to be developed to meet the requirements. For Managing Director Patrick Wimmer, the motto “Turning those affected into those involved” is at the top of the list, without losing sight of the strategic goals. In this way, the employees themselves become the designers of solutions for their concerns. And this is exactly what ESCRIBA makes possible.

“The decision-maker of a company must be aware that digitization always involves a change in culture. It changes the way people work and the way they communicate. At the same time, it increases the speed and transparency of processes. This has a massive impact on employees. We have started this transformation, but it will take time.“ – Patrick Wimmer, Managing Director, DMW.

However, digitizing documents and workflows is only the first step toward digital transformation, as ESCRIBA offers an extensive catalog of applications that cover all HR services and also benefit from mature document technology. These include the digital record, a self-service portal for employees, and HR service management in the form of a ticket system. Thanks to the no- and low-coding approach, these applications can be personalized and expanded at any time, allowing the company to expand its digitalization step by step.

„ESCRIBA is very flexible. Even with a small investment, it is easy to get started with the no- and low-coding platform. As a customer, you can pursue a vision together and at the same time get a tool to work on the implementation of the strategy on your own. That’s an important factor for me.“

Patrick Wimmer


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