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Overview of all HR tasks

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Human Resources in transition:
Why HR needs to go digital

Administrative tasks take up a lot of HR’s time every day. Recurring and monotonous tasks in HR management need to be automated through targeted HR digitalization, so that HR professionals can free up time for value-adding tasks.

Goals of HR digitalization

The goal of HR transformation is to simplify and simultaneously improve workflows and processes through digital technologies. Ideally, these can be fully or partially automated, so that human intervention is only necessary to a limited extent. At the same time, HR automation offers the opportunity to reduce the susceptibility to errors and increase compliance. In this way, the digitalization of HR processes can not only make a decisive contribution to the success of a company, but also increase employee satisfaction in the long term.

Documents are the biggest lever of HR digitalization

Processes that require the creation of one or even multiple documents provide the greatest levers for increasing efficiency. Whether using a good template or even a blank sheet of paper, creating a document is still one of the most time-consuming and manual processes. About 80 percent of HR services end up in a contract, a reference, a certificate, or cover letter. That’s why digital HR service management with integrated document templates and suitable workflows is worthwhile.

Modern workflows based on HR ticket systems

With the ESCRIBA HR Service Manager, you get a comprehensive workflow and ticket system with which you can organize and process all tasks in a structured manner, both within and across teams. Thanks to our many years of experience in the digitalization of HR processes, we also provide you with all common HR services and documents as a template set. Our service catalog includes more than 300 services in 14 service categories and around 400 document templates that are ready for immediate use in your HR department.

With the ESCRIBA HR Service Manager

Organized & transparent

All HR tasks are digitally recorded in a central tool and can be processed from anywhere and at any time. See exactly which tickets are already being processed or assign tasks to a colleague. The tracking creates full transparency even with spatially separated teams.

High efficiency & satisfaction

High efficiency & satisfaction Orders and inquiries are processed much faster thanks to preconfigured services and automated processes. The HR department thus reduces the time spent on administrative tasks and employees receive their solution more quickly – keyword employee experience!

Extensive Reportings

All HR services are organized in a service catalog and can be evaluated in a structured manner. SLA processes and monitoring of processing times can also be clearly displayed in dashboards. Valuable HR insights immediately.

Quick to implement & customize

The application is implemented in your team in a short time, can be individually adapted and extended at any time thanks to the no/low code platform – both in the frontend for employees and managers, as well as in the backend for HR managers.

25 years of HR digitalization, over 100 customers, more than 3 million documents per year

„In HR Services, we bundle the experience and expertise of all our customer projects from the past 25 years. The accumulated knowledge from working with half of all DAX companies is now contained in our HR service catalog. With more than 300 services and around 400 document templates, it covers the entire service spectrum of an HR department.“

Markus Görtz

COO and for 16 years project manager at ESCRIBA

Digitalization in Human Resources: HR study provides insights

An IDG study on the topic of “Digital HR” from 2021 provides information on the degree of digitalization and attitudes within German HR departments. Despite the great potential in the administrative area of activity, HR often lags when it comes to its own digital transformation – especially in comparison to other specialist departments. The fears and challenges of HR digitalization are obvious: automated processes are impersonal, employees become superfluous. These are the fears that are firmly anchored in many HR minds and thus act as a brake. However, this often ignores the opportunities that the digitalization of HR processes brings with it. More time for employee interviews and development, for recruiting new talent, and for strategic tasks. There is also an increasing focus on developing an attractive employer brand. All of this is made possible by well-implemented HR service management. According to the study, none of the HR departments surveyed describes itself as “fully digitized” and not even half of all HR professionals surveyed are satisfied with their own progress in digitization (45.4%). Incidentally, HR rated itself the worst of all areas. One obstacle repeatedly cited is a lack of IT expertise and collaboration with IT. Find out more in our detailed article: What the IDG study reveals about digitalization in HR and how HR can equip itself well for the future (only in German)

How HR is starting the transition to digital services

Companies that want to digitalize their HR processes often look for a comprehensive HR software. However, this is not enough. While acquiring one may provide the required technical tools, if the HR processes themselves are not clearly defined, the benefits of digitalization will not materialize. HR departments must be aware that they need to know, streamline, and optimize their internal processes before they turn to the technological aspect of digitalization. In concrete terms, this means that if you want to digitally transform your business transactions, the first step is to define which services the HR department provides and how these run, in terms of processes. Without this knowledge, further digitalization efforts will not be able to develop their full effect.

How to skip the analysis effort

The larger the range of services, the higher the effort for the analysis of the services and the process design. With ESCRIBA, you can simply hide this inhibition. We have used our many years of experience in HR digitalization to undertake the analysis of the most common HR processes for our customers. The result is our service catalog, which includes more than 300 services in 14 service categories.

The services are provided with predefined and at the same time customizable workflows, the appropriate SLA processes as well as predefined reports. You simply select from our service catalog which services your HR department offers and you can start using the ready-made processes.

Get started immediately with more than 400 document templates

Most HR tasks result in one or more documents. Creating these is often time-consuming and error prone. That’s why ESCRIBA not only provides you with high-quality software for automated document creation, but also with over 400 ready-made document templates in the HR Service Manager. Thanks to our many years of experience in the German legal area, you can use the content directly or adapt it yourself to your individual requirements with little effort.

HR ticket system based on No- and Low-Code

ESCRIBA HR Service Manager runs on our No-/ Low Code Platform. This allows software to be changed and extended much more quickly and in line with requirements. No-/Low-Coding not only enables a fast go-live, but above all stands for immediate reaction to feedback during operation. Contact points, documents and processes can be adapted and improved almost in real time. Affine business users can make changes themselves without programming knowledge and adapt the software to new circumstances. If desired, we maintain and operate your applications in our cloud and optimize your processes according to your requirements. In this way, we create better business software in an agile process that remains permanently up to date.

Which is the right HR automation technology?

What is the right digitalization strategy so that HR departments can gain time and put the resource ” human being” back in the foreground? In our E-Book HR: Get Digitalization Done , you will learn how to tackle the challenges of a digital transformation in HR and why no-/ low-coding is an essential tool to automate HR processes. You can also read about the success that result from the interaction of agile software and agile management.

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