ESCRIBA Document and Contract Lifecycle Management

Even with the basic DCL Manager application, you can map the entire life cycle of your documents and contracts. The NLC suite offers a wide range of expansion and extension options.

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ESCRIBA Document and Contract Lifecycle Management

The basis of the Document and Contract Lifecycle Management Suite (DCLM) is the Document and Contract Lifecycle Manager (DCL) and thus a complete, adaptive case management system. The lifecycle of a document and contract is defined as a sequence of business events, for each of which action plans are stored in the system. Operational processes become digital workflows, which can then be automated in whole or in part. If necessary, the workflows can be adapted during processing. Adaptations are automatically logged. This functionality combines legal security and case flexibility.

The DCL Manager already supports all steps that a document or contract usually goes through. Within the DCLM Suite, extensions can be used along these steps:

  • Draft and document inbound Extension with the NLC App Inbound Document Analyzer Extension Module Enterprise Office Integration / NLC App Single Source of Truth
  • Internal coordination and external negotiation Extension with the NLC App Document Signing and Approval Manager Extension with the NLC App Contract Negotiation Manager
  • Storage and management of documents
    Extension module ESCRIBA Enterprise Content Management Connection to blockchain and smart contract systems
  • Transfer of data to relevant downstream systems Extension Module ESCRIBA Enterprise Integration Services Extension with the NLC App Obligation and Deadline Manager Connection to IoT and IIoT platforms
  • Adaptation and addition Extension with the NLC App Contract Amendment Manager
  • Evaluation and Improvement Content extension “Continuous Contract and Clause Improvement Processes Content extension “Documents and Dark Data Extension with the NLC App Contract Auditor
  • Termination and Renewal Extension with the NLC App Contract Termination and Data Deletion NLC App Legal Refresh

In addition to the prefabricated extensions, you can expand and customize the DCLM Suite individually. The NLC platform sets you no limits within the available technology.

With the NLC Suite and the various expansion options, you have comprehensive transparency at all times regarding the work progress and status of all documents and contracts in your company. The NLC Suite is the perfect technology for establishing document governance as well as for maintaining and keeping your templates and document content up-to-date. With the targeted use of this technology, you distinguish yourself as a digital leader and make a decisive contribution to the compliance and risk management of your company.

Included apps and extension modules*

* varies depending on the expansion stage: You can find more information here.


App families are collections of thematically related NLC Apps. All apps built on the NLC Platform can be linked and combined with each other. Where functions complement each other in a particularly meaningful way, several apps form an App Family. We also refer to this as an NLC Suite if the combined apps offer such a range of services that entire areas or fields of activity can be served with them.

In addition to functional extensions, there are also content extensions for NLC Suites. Content extensions are prefabricated and thus directly usable contents. Examples include document templates and texts, processes and associated role and authorization concepts, or preset reports and dashboards.

NLC technology combines the advantages of product software and predefined market standards with the flexibility and agility of an open modular system. NLC applications are productive from day one and grow with your requirements and needs.

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