ESCRIBA Enterprise Document Services

The Enterprise Document Services extension module provides the entire scope of services of the leading document generation technology for use in NLC applications. The rule-based document generator is the basis for comprehensive document governance and efficient maintenance of templates and document content (document maintenance).

NLC Extension Module
ESCRIBA Enterprise Document Services

The Enterprise Document Services (EDS) extension module provides the complete scope of ESCRIBA document technology for No-/Low-Coding applications. Thus, the power of the market and technology leading document generator is available in NLC mode.

With the help of an extensive and extremely powerful No-Code environment, all types of texts and documents can be prepared in such a way that the creation process can be fully or largely automated. This provides a central, rule-based document creation tool that can be used in all technical and process-related contexts.

The heart of Enterprise Document Services is the object database in which all texts and text elements are stored (blocks / clauses), images, logos, formats, as well as rules and functions can be managed comfortably.

The ESCRIBA Enterprise Compliance and Agility Platform (ECAP) offers the most powerful No-/Low-Code technology for data- and document-intensive processes. The NLC platform ECAP is modular. Software AG‘s AgileApps© and ESCRIBA AG‘s document technology (EDS ©) form the core of the platform. As strategic partners, we further develop these technologies ourselves on the one hand and add functionalities by integrating third-party software on the other.

By integrating third-party providers, we continuously expand the range of functions and services of the platform for our customers. We tend to integrate not just one, but the best providers on the market. In this way, we consistently follow the “best of breed” approach and protect the NLC applications from becoming obsolete.

ESCRIBA document technology is consistently geared towards multisystem and multiclient use. Both on-premise and cloud and hybrid system environments are supported. The mature transport system for multi-stage operation (development, test, production, recovery stage) is characteristic. The multi-level operation makes it possible to extensively test rule-based texts in advance and to release them in a targeted manner in order to mitigate time-critical changes. The multi-level nature of ESCRIBA technology guarantees legally compliantversioning, comprehensive recoverability (disaster recovery) and high security during operation.

Based on the ESCRIBA technology, you can establish, enforce and keep up-to-date a complete rule and control system for your documents and content across all departments. In this way, you make a central contribution to legal security and compliance in your company.

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