Enterprise Content Manager in ESCRIBA

The Enterprise Content Manager (ECM) extension module integrates a powerful file management system into your application(s).

NLC Extension Module
Enterprise Content Manager in ESCRIBA

ESCRIBA ECM extends the functionality of your NLC App(s) with powerful file management. Files of any format can be uploaded, stored, organized in folders, displayed, sent, downloaded and further processed as well as deleted on a case- or object-related basis.

Rights such as read, change, delete are controlled decisively at document level via the authorization control. The history and system information provide detailed information about previous actions and allow access to older versions. The full text search incl. keyword function ensures convenient retrieval of content.

The Extension Module is designed in particular for the Single Source of Truth principle. The current version of a file is available centrally, and every change is documented and versioned. This implements compliance requirements and lays the foundation for GDPR-compliant work. The rule-based deletion function supports the implementation and mapping of internally and/or externally specified retention periods.


  • Powerful file management
  • Authorization control
  • Detailed history
  • Full text search incl. keyword function
  • Versioning
  • Rule-based delete function

The ESCRIBA Enterprise Compliance and Agility Platform (ECAP) offers the most powerful No-/Low-Code technology for data- and document-intensive processes. The NLC platform ECAP is modular. Software AG‘s AgileApps© and ESCRIBA AG‘s document technology (EDS ©) form the core of the platform. As strategic partners, we further develop these technologies ourselves on the one hand and add functionalities by integrating third-party software on the other.

By integrating third-party providers, we continuously expand the range of functions and services of the platform for our customers. We tend to integrate not just one, but the best providers on the market. In this way, we consistently follow the “best of breed” approach and protect the NLC applications from becoming obsolete.

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