ESCRIBA Document and Contract Lifecycle Manager

Lay the foundation for comprehensive document governance and optimisation of the associated processes. With the basic application DCL Manager, you can already map the entire life cycle of your documents and contracts.

ESCRIBA Document and Contract Lifecycle Manager

The Document and Contract Lifecycle Manager (DCL) is a complete, adaptive case management system according to the requirements of the Case Management Modeling Notation (CMMN). The creation, negotiation and “execution” of a document is defined as a business event. For each of these business events, action plans are stored in the case management system. This turns business events into digital workflows, which can then be automated in whole or in part. If necessary, the workflows can be adapted during processing. Adaptations are automatically logged. In this way, legal security and case flexibility can be combined.

The DCL Manager supports all steps that a document or contract usually goes through: Drafting, internal reconciliation, external negotiation, storage and transfer of data to relevant downstream systems (such as Obligation Management or an SAP backend), adaptation and amendment of the contract, and termination and renewal.

For each document type or on a case-by-case basis (adaptive) for each individual document, it is possible to define which role or person can perform and/or approve the drafting, reconciliation, etc. The DCL Manager supports the approval processes and facsimile signatures as well as the barcode-based capture of “wet” signatures in the standard.

Document Governance and Continuous Improvement

There is a person responsible for each document in each phase of its life cycle: the document owner. In addition, you define at the level of individual text blocks who maintains these texts, who is responsible for the content and who may release changes for productive use. In this way, you create the basis for a company-wide set of rules for dealing with documents and their contents. At the same time, this creates the data basis for a comprehensive and continuous optimisation of all processes related to documents and their contents.

NLC Apps are applications built using No- and Low-Code technology. The term NLC makes it clear that these applications can be easily and comprehensively adapted and extended with the help of No-/Low-Coding.

The technical basis is the NLC Platform ECAP (Enterprise Compliance and Agility Platform), which is particularly geared towards optimizing data- and document-intensive processes.

By means of No-Coding you can:

  • Create and customize database applications
  • Create and customize case management applications
  • Set up and map macros, rule sets (such as SLAs), and business processes
  • Design and customize user-specific interfaces
  • Manage users and access/usage rights
  • Easily analyze data in tabular and graphical form
  • Combine reports and evaluations into individual dashboards

No-Coding usually already covers most of the functionality that is actually needed. The principle of Pareto efficiency applies here.

If necessary, the performance scope of the NLC Apps can be expanded quickly and efficiently with the help of Low-Coding. Pre-built NLC apps, such as the Master Data Manger, are available for this purpose. The platform allows the NLC apps to be comprehensively modified and further developed using Java (backend/server) and Java-Script / Angular (frontend/web).

All apps built on the NLC Platform can be linked and combined with each other (so-called App Families or NLC Suites). In this way, simple applications can be expanded step by step and extended to a comprehensive application landscape.

With NLC technology, you are productive from day one and have the ability to grow your applications with your needs.

Contracts and documents are created via a wizard dialogue and can be edited according to authorisation. The DCL Manager accesses a central database in which all texts, layout information and data accesses are kept as objects. This technology ensures that elements are stored only once, but can be used in any number of documents. It is always transparent which object is and was used in which document. This makes it much easier to maintain and update templates and text elements (document maintenance).

Read, edit and release rights can be set down to clause/text section level. This clearly regulates where documents may be adapted by whom and to what extent. Adjustments are logged and can be tracked at any time.

In addition to the comprehensive case/ticket management system with predefined roles (such as document owner), the scope of services also includes team structures and control mechanisms (SLA management), powerful tools for automating cases with the help of business rules and processes, as well as diverse reports and dashboards. The NLC technology makes it easy to customise DCL Manager to your own needs and ideas.

With this NLC app, you have comprehensive transparency at all times regarding the work progress and status of all documents and contracts in your company. By using the DCL Manager, you create the basis for obtaining transparency about all processes related to documents and contracts, as well as about all data and contents of the documents and contracts themselves. The optional extension package “Documents and Dark Data” provides you with comprehensive reports in tabular and graphical form, giving you access to information that would otherwise remain “in the dark”.

The modular structure of the NLC platform ECAP ensures that the system can grow with your requirements. The connection of various backend systems, such as SAP, Salesforce or your own databases, is just as easy as the use of specialised systems for document recognition and analysis.

The NLC app is designed for use with the ESCRIBA Enterprise Signing Services (E2S) extension module. The extension module enables the use of standard market technologies and signature service providers. Both simple electronic signatures, such as those offered by DocuSign© or Signaturit©, and qualified digital signatures, such as those offered by XiTrust© from MOXIS, are supported. It is possible to switch between the individual signature services at any time.

Optional extensions:

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