NDA Management

Manage NDAs and manage sensitive information in the protected data room

With ESCRIBA NDA Manager you create, negotiate and sign your Non-Disclosure Agreements quickly and easily. You automatically transfer the obligations into your obligation management and create a secure data room for each NDA in a fully automated way, where you and your business partners centrally store and maintain confidential data and documents.

The NDA Manager supports the complete contract lifecycle: dialog-guided creation and comprehensive post-processing, negotiation and approval processes, contract conclusion and implementation, termination and, if necessary, deletion. The NDA Manager gives you transparency over all data in the Non-Disclosure Agreements as well as the associated processes. Reports in tabular and graphical form can be bundled into user-friendly dashboards. The targeted evaluation of this data is the basis for continuous improvement of processes and documents. The NDA Manager makes it possible to grant targeted access authorizations and to log access to confidential documents as well as deletion. This provides you – if required – with a comprehensive log of all activities up to the proof of deletion. Ensure that confidential documents are only viewed by authorized users.
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With the NDA Manager, you can also map and manage more extensive technical and organizational measures. For this purpose, the No-/Low-Coding Standard already offers comprehensive applications and tools, up to the connection of sensors or the mapping of values in blockchains on the ESCRIBA NLC platform.

NDA Manager in action

Try our NDA Manager now and create your individual non-disclosure agreement live.





Create NDA
You create your NDA in a short time by entering and selecting relevant data of the contract partners.
Download document
Your NDA is generated directly and can be sent to the contract partner(s). In the demo version, you will automatically receive the document as a PDF to the specified e-mail address.
Start signature process
After entering the authorized signatories, a signature process is started via the service of a provider.
File and manage NDAs
All master data from the NDA is available for reuse in a case management application. Deadlines with automatic notifications and escalation scenarios can be controlled on the respective cases.
Invite additional employees to collaborate
The NDA Manager can be used by several employees or partners. An authorization system controls access and permissions.
1-3 Users
4 Users or more
Neue NDAs aus der App erstellen
Direkt aus dem NDA Manager heraus können weitere NDA-Prozesse komfortabel gestartet werden. Dank der dialogbasierten Vertragserstellung können auch Nicht-Juristen rechtsichere Verträge erstellen.
Up to 20 NDAs
From 21 NDAs
Evaluations via clear dashboards
You always have an overview of the status, processing statuses, deadlines and tasks, and can evaluate these in a targeted manner and display them individually in graphical reports.
Protected data room for involved parties
After signature by both parties, a protected data room can be opened for each NDA case. All data accesses are logged in an audit-proof manner. Automatic notices of data deletion can be set up and verifiably documented after the expiration of the protection period.
Individual editing of clauses and texts
Customize the content of clauses and select predefined text variants.
Negotiate NDAs with contract partner(s)
Contracts often need to be renegotiated. Our post-processing mode allows you to track any edits you make.
Set user-based authorization on individual clauses
Detailed permission control down to clause level can be used to define access and editing capabilities for roles, teams, or individuals.
Define approval workflows
You can integrate workflows for your NDAs and thus automate entire process chains, e.g. multi-stage approval processes.
Define your own layouts/formats
Your NDAs are created with your letterhead or according to your corporate identity and thus always have a uniform and up-to-date design.
Use the NDA Manager to technically implement the central regulatory content of your NDAs and securely manage confidential information.

NDA Manager in Aktion

Testen Sie jetzt unseren NDA-Manager und erstellen Sie live Ihre individuelle Geheimhaltungsvereinbarung.

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