Use Cases

NLC technology enables digitization and automation in all areas

Company Pension Plan

Offer your employees valuable benefits, be more attractive than your competitors and retain talent permanently.

Document and Contract Lifecycle Management in ESCRIBA

Create documents and contracts faster, negotiate in a targeted manner, and evaluate comprehensively.

Digital Legal Operations

Digitize your legal operations with ESCRIBA NLC technology. The ESCRBA NLC platform is the perfect basis for operational excellence in legal departments and law firms.


You create and negotiate non-disclosure agreements, manage sensitive information in a protected data room, and log all access or deletion activities.

ESCRIBA and Workday

You use Workday as a cloud-based solution for managing and processing data and business processes in HR, Finance and Planning – we deliver the appropriate document technology.


Documents are still one of the most important points of contact with customers, employees and partners. ESCRIBA is the perfect complement and extension to SAP for your company in the area of documents.

ESCRIBA and SuccessFactors

Create, edit and output documents of any type and complexity directly from SuccessFactors – even from different source systems.