ESCRIBA and SuccessFactors

Talent management and automated document creation in perfect harmony

SuccessFactors helps you find and optimally develop the right talent for your company. Extend the power of SuccessFactors even further with ESCRIBA.

Create any form of correspondence – whether contracts, documents, mails, attachments, brochures – highly automated: Ideally, with a single click of a button out of SuccessFactors. Of course, multiple systems, whether on-premise or cloud-based can be connected simultaneously and the data from the different systems can be mixed in the document.

ESCRIBA AG has specialized in the optimization of data and document-intensive processes since 1998. Benefit from our experience from more than 300 projects in the context of HR and documents.

Technology leader

A comprehensive set of rules for the complete description of documents and their variants as well as easy-to-create, powerful dialogs make it possible to map even complex documents and to automate their creation to a large extent.

ESCRIBA is the technology leader in the field of rule-based document creation.

Compliance and legal certainty

Based on comprehensive, preset evaluations, document content and processes can be perfectly captured and thus continuously optimized.

With ESCRIBA you make a decisive contribution to compliance and legal certainty in your company.

Document Maintenance

The strict object orientation with regard to all content, rules and dialogs ensures a high degree of reusability and thus simple and central maintenance.

With ESCRIBA, Document Maintenance becomes easier than ever before.

Document Governance

All document-related processes can be precisely controlled by assigning person/role-related authorizations down to text block level. This way you establish a company-wide set of rules for handling documents and their contents.

With ESCRIBA you create the technical prerequisite for company-wide Document Governance.

Flexible document creation

Create, edit and output documents of any type and complexity directly from SuccessFactors – even from different source systems.



Documents can be easily created in different languages – regardless of the language currently used for the user interface. This makes ESCRIBA the ideal tool for internationally operating companies.


Multisystem capability

The use of ESCRIBA is also possible in a hybrid scenario, if you use another on-premise system for data management. ESCRIBA can be fully and effortlessly integrated into your system.


Seamless integration

ESCRIBA can access all data in SuccessFactors that is available via the ODATA interface. The connector between the two systems is the ESCRIBA Integration Server, successfully certified by SAP for Hana Cloud.

Continue to leverage the strengths of SuccessFactors and create consistent documents with ESCRIBA.

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