ESCRIBA and Workday

Take finance, HR and planning to a new level with automated document creation

Do you use Workday in the central areas of HR, Finance and/or Planning? Then ESCRIBA technology is the perfect complement and extension for your company in the area of documents.

Create mails and any form of correspondence – highly automated: Ideally with a single button click out of Workday. Of course, multiple systems, whether on-premise or cloud-based can be connected simultaneously and the data from the different systems can be mixed in the document.

ESCRIBA AG has specialized in the optimization of data- and document-intensive processes since 1998. Benefit from our experience from more than 300 projects in the context of central departments and documents.

Technology leader

A comprehensive set of rules for the complete description of documents and their variants as well as easy-to-create, powerful dialogs make it possible to map even complex documents and to automate their creation to a large extent.

ESCRIBA is the technology leader in the field of rule-based document creation.

Compliance and legal certainty

Based on comprehensive, preset evaluations, document content and processes can be perfectly captured and thus continuously optimized.

With ESCRIBA you make a decisive contribution to compliance and legal certainty in your company.

Document Maintenance

The strict object orientation with regard to all content, rules and dialogs ensures a high degree of reusability and thus simple and central maintenance.

With ESCRIBA, Document Maintenance becomes easier than ever before.

Document Governance

All document-related processes can be precisely controlled by assigning person/role-related authorizations down to text block level. This way you establish a company-wide set of rules for handling documents and their contents.

With ESCRIBA you create the technical prerequisite for company-wide Document Governance.

Our software in connection with your system

After logging in with your Workday access data, you will find your order list in our application and can create and process documents directly.

Two scenarios are possible as data interface:

  • Using a SOAP API programming interface in Workday, ESCRIBA can access data of any type in your Workday system.
  • Using Report as a Service (RAAS), defined data fields from Workday can be made available for ESCRIBA to access.

Create, edit and output documents of any type and complexity directly from Workday

This applies to both individual and quantity documents, which are retrieved in job lists and processed in subsequent versions.


Easily create documents in different languages for different jurisdictions

The document language can be freely selected regardless of the currently used user interface language. The ESCRIBA Rule Engine makes it possible to model the rule content of documents in an abstract way, making contexts and legal spaces selectable.


The use of ESCRIBA in a hybrid scenario

Do you use another on-premise system (e.g. for payroll) for data management in addition to Workday? ESCRIBA not only integrates effortlessly with Workday. Of course, multi-cloud and hybrid scenarios are also supported.

Continue to leverage the strengths of Workday and create consistent documents with ESCRIBA.


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Your job

  • User support for colleagues (including error analysis and problem solving)
  • Procurement, setup and maintenance of Windows and Linux systems and standard software
  • Support of our virtualized server architectures (vSphere, Horizon)
  • Administration and maintenance of user accounts, end devices and access rights (Active Directory)
  • Support in the development and administration of our own IT infrastructure in the areas of Windows and Linux servers, network and firewalls
  • Creation and further development of IT documentation


Your profile

  • Completed vocational training in the IT field or several years of professional experience in the support of software products
  • Several years of relevant professional experience in the IT environment
  • Knowledge in the support of Linux and Windows servers
  • Ideally, experience with the above mentioned technologies
  • Fluent German language skills

Your job

  • Further development of our state-of-the-art document software
  • Introduction of new technologies and conceptual design of new modules
  • Further development of LibreOffice macros
  • Collaboration on customer projects

Your profile

  • Completed studies in informatics or comparable education
  • Several years of relevant professional experience with C++
  • Ideally, knowledge in Java
  • Analytical and problem solving skills
  • Fluent English, German is a plus

Your job

  • Active participation in our frontend team
  • Further development of our document software and optimization of complex, innovative web projects
  • Active collaboration and introduction of new frontend technologies and features
  • Implementation of individual customer requests

Your profile

  • Degree in (business) informatics or a similar education
  • Several years of professional experience as a frontend developer with a focus on Angular
  • In-depth knowledge of JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML5, CSS, Ngrx and RxJS
  • Ideally, experience with CI/CD pipelines, SWAGGER UI and Jenkins
  • Fluent in English, German is a plus

Your job

  • Further development and maintenance of the core of our integration platform
  • Use as well as design and creation of REST APIs
  • Design and development of data and process integrations with systems such as SuccessFactors, Workday or Salesforce
  • Configuration of existing integration components in the project context

Your profile

  • Completed studies in (business) informatics, physics or comparable education
  • Very good knowledge of Java and Spring (boot, security, cloud, data)
  • Ideally, experience with authentication and authorization in distributed environments with OAuth and SAML
  • Interest in microservices and cloud platforms such as Cloud Foundry
  • Good knowledge of German and English