The ESCRIBA HR Suite combines functions of several NLC apps to manage and maintain your master data and organizational data as well as to organize all processes and requests of your HR work.

App Family | NLC Suite

The ESCRIBA HR Suite supports human resources management and enables the comprehensive mapping of HR services. With the HR Suite, organizational structures, master and contract data can be managed and the associated documents can be created efficiently and legally secure. With the HR Suite, individual NLC Apps are combined and brought together under a uniform interface.

The following Apps are included in ESCRIBA HR Suite by default:

  • ESCRIBA Master Data Manager With the Master Data Manager you manage and maintain personal master data of employees, customers and partners of your company. Data is comprehensively protected by access and authorization management and can be easily and securely transferred to reports and graphical evaluations through No-Coding.
  • ESCRIBA Organisational Data Manager With the Organizational Data Manager, you manage organizational data and comprehensively map related organizational structures of your company, including organizational units and the relationship of organizational units to each other.
  • ESCRIBA HR Service Manager The ESCRIBA HR Service Manager is a complete, adaptive case management system that lets you transform operational processes into digital workflows that can be fully or partially automated.

App families are collections of thematically related NLC Apps. All apps built on the NLC Platform can be linked and combined with each other. Where functions complement each other in a particularly meaningful way, several apps form an App Family. We also refer to this as an NLC Suite if the combined apps offer such a range of services that entire areas or fields of activity can be served with them.

In addition to functional extensions, there are also content extensions for NLC Suites. Content extensions are prefabricated and thus directly usable contents. Examples include document templates and texts, processes and associated role and authorization concepts, or preset reports and dashboards.

NLC technology combines the advantages of product software and predefined market standards with the flexibility and agility of an open modular system. NLC applications are productive from day one and grow with your requirements and needs.

ESCRIBA HR Suite provides a predefined service catalog with appropriate standard processes and associated standard documents such as certificates, employment contracts, notices and testimonials. In addition to the fully comprehensive case/ticket management system, including pre-packaged roles, team structures and control mechanisms, you get powerful case automation tools, a complete case file, and a wide variety of reports and dashboards.

ESCRIBA HR Suite is set up as an adaptive case and process management system and is consistently geared towards no- and low-coding. The HR Suite can be extended step by step and supplemented by additional NLC apps. Due to the modular structure of ECAP, the system can grow with your requirements. Common HR systems such as SAP, SuccessFactors or Workday as well as any own databases can be connected without any problems.

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