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Legal In-house Processes

In cooperation with the Liquid Legal Institute, experts from the legal sector provide an introduction to process management and the process landscape for legal and compliance.

Whenever recurring activities can be standardised and subsequently digitised, energy and capacities are freed up for work that creates value from a legal and economic perspective.

Get the e-book “Legal In-house Processes” now and learn how legal departments can put themselves in a position to actively manage the business instead of being driven by the business environment.

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The in-house legal department is uniquely positioned to be both a supportive business partner and the guardian of the law. Traditionally, it has been managed with a purely legal focus. Adopting a business mindset and leveraging practices from other disciplines can promote operational excellence and digitalisation. Process management enables legal departments to explore how the content, support systems and interfaces of their work interact to deliver quality outcomes and relate this to management processes. It is an essential prerequisite for digitalisation.

Experts from the Liquid Legal Institute e.V. believe that legal functions must be integrated or embedded as much as possible in the business functions they manage and serve. This requires defining a process landscape, identifying interfaces and determining inputs and outputs when interacting with the business.

The publication Legal In-house Processes guides you through the concept, benefits and practices of process management for in-house legal functions to enable a productive yet human-centred digitisation of the legal function.

ESCRIBA supports legal departments and law firms in mastering the current challenges and increasing the value contribution through digital solutions.