NLC as a key technology for digitization

Agility and speed as key added values for companies A large part of the users do not use a large part of the functions of standard software. NLC technology breaks this and other paradigms of software development. NLC is the abbreviation for No-/Low-Coding and describes a modern and efficient way to create software. No-Coding No-coding […]

Document Governance and Maintenance with ESCRIBA

Blind Spot Document Governance and Maintenance Avoid risks, reduce costs and generate significant added value A set of rules that defines responsibility for documents in the material sense as well as their content and enables comprehensive controlling and reporting – this is generally understood as document governance. Document maintenance, on the other hand, covers all […]

ESCRIBA – The Administrative Digital Twin

The procurement and processing of goods and the provision of services are collectively referred to as the real economy. Real economic processes always include an opposing monetary cash flow. Each of these tuples of real goods flow and monetary payment flow is mirrored by a documenting process in which data is processed. It is therefore […]