Digitize HR with no/low coding

In the podcast: What no/low coding means for HR and tangible expert tips

No- and low-coding has become an integral part of the IT world – and rightly so. Thanks to modern no- and low-code technology, the shortage of skilled workers can not only be circumvented, but the licensing costs of the HR IT landscape can also be reduced by up to 40%.

But what is no- and low-coding and what does it have to do with HR? These and other questions are answered by Dr. Juergen Erbeldinger, founder and CEO of ESCRIBA, in the HRM Hacks podcast with Alexander Petsch, CEO of the HRM Institute.

Listen now to the exciting interview about one of the most important technology trends that is turning the way HR works upside down. Thanks to six terrific hacks from Juergen Erbeldinger, you’ll know how to get started with a no/low code platform after the episode.

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