Benefits of GenAI in Human Resources 

How digital assistants are a game changer for HR 

Not only is interest in artificial intelligence (AI) extremely high, but so is the willingness to use this technology in organizations. In our white paper, we provide an overview of the many possible applications of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI), particularly in human resources.

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While many are still debating the opportunities and risks, one thing is certain: like the Internet, artificial intelligence will change the world. This will affect the entire industry, as well as the way people interact with knowledge, communicate with machines, and ultimately do their jobs. AI is THE big opportunity for companies to gain a competitive advantage. Those who are AI-ready today will be at the forefront of the future.

This white paper uses the example of the process-intensive HR department to demonstrate the enormous potential of artificial intelligence. The future of HR lies in the use of intelligent technologies that can best meet the needs of both the organization and its employees.

Some Key Points of the White Paper

  • How does artificial intelligence work and how powerful is it already?
  • The prediction is: “Anything that can be done by intelligent machines will be done by them in the future.”
  • What do employees actually say about AI in the workplace? Are they optimistic or pessimistic about its use?
  • Artificial intelligence in practice – what is already possible?
  • Requirements and challenges for HR

Learn more about these and many other exciting aspects of artificial intelligence.

GenAI in Human Resources

About the White Paper

“Benefits of GenAI in Human Resources – Why digital assistants are a game changer for HR” was published by the ESCRIBA Group. The German software manufacturer is one of the leading providers of HR solutions for companies and the public sector. The focus is always on intelligent solutions, such as no- and low-coding, blockchain solutions and artificial intelligence, in order to develop the most efficient applications that optimally meet both the requirements of the company and the needs of its employees.

Porträt Dr. Juergen Erbeldinger
„Generative artificial intelligence is fundamentally changing the way we interact with computers. Tasks that could previously only be performed by humans can now be performed by the machine. In this way, it is transformed from a receiver of instructions (programming) to a conversational partner (natural language communication) and then to a semi-autonomous agent. The systems we design and deploy today must be able to follow and support this path.“
Dr. Juergen Erbeldinger
CEO & Founder of ESCRIBA

Your Customized HR Solution

The ESCRIBA HR Service Manager (HRSM) is one of the leading and most comprehensive applications for the end-to-end digitalization of your HR processes. Quick to implement, adaptable and future-proof. With seamless integration into existing systems such as SAP, SuccessFactors or Workday, HR data can be mapped and processed in the ESCRIBA HR Service Manager without media disruption and in an authorization-controlled manner. Because data is automatically retrieved from the backend and returned via an interface, you avoid duplicate data entry. With HR Service Manager, you can make the leap to digitalization. This benefits not only the HR department, but also all employees thanks to the integrated HR Service Portal with self-service options.
Christian Keller

Christian Keller
Business Development

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