Digital HR processes with automated SAP data maintenance

Web conference on
21 March 2023

Human resources work thrives on communication with the workforce. However, requests, queries and consultations with employees are often not yet processed in a standardised way and are therefore not comprehensible and transparent.

With ESCRIBA’s no/low-code platform, all HR processes can be conveniently digitalised end-to-end and automated to a large extent. Above all, the seamless integration with SAP systems enables continuous workflows without media discontinuity and duplicate data maintenance.

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Digital end-to-end HR processes with automated SAP data maintenance

Watch the recording of our web conference, which we organised with our partner DATAKONTEXT, and learn how to take your HR work to a new level with innovative and efficient add-on solutions for SAP in HR.

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You will learn how ESCRIBA HR Service Manager transforms HR tasks and employee communication into efficient digital workflows. In the process, we also show how automatic data extraction from the SAP system and bidirectional updating avoid errors and save time. With no/low coding, you can easily adapt the workflows to individual requirements. Experience in our live demo how HR processes with self-services, approvals, signatures and document storage run end-to-end.

Lecture content

  • Introduction to the concept and advantages of No/Low Coding (NLC) technology
  • Digital workflows on the NLC platform
  • Automated document generation, filing (eFile) and dispatch based on SAP
  • Efficient and transparent communication processes
  • Live demonstration: self-directed digitisation of HR processes based on pre-packaged content in combination with no/low code technology
  • Simultaneous interaction of HR Service Manager with SAP HCM and SuccessFactors

ESCRIBA offers

  • ESCRIBA HR Service Manager is based on the latest no/low-coding technology.
  • Manage all HR processes in clear HR Service Manager App
  • Modern and intuitive service portal is responsible for information retrieval, application and document uploads
  • Pre-packaged HR services with associated processes, documents, approvals and signature rules as well as SLAs and key performance indicators
  • Pre-prepared documents and forms in the backend or portal as self-service
  • Standardise, digitally manage and automate HR processes easily
  • Automate data maintenance in SAP HCM, SuccessFactors, etc.
  • Manage communication processes with employees efficiently and transparently via the portal

Our expert

Dr. Juergen Erbeldinger, CEO

Dr. Juergen Erbeldinger

Dr Juergen Erbeldinger is a well-known thought leader, visionary and (co-)founder of many successful companies. He is known for using emerging technologies to establish efficient processes that not only meet regulatory requirements, but above all ensure an excellent customer and employee experience.

ESCRIBA – Your digitalisation partner

ESCRIBA stands for 25 years of living digitalisation in companies. Our heart beats for digital processes and scalable technologies, which we develop on our own no- and low-code platform. In this way, we create groundbreaking results in a short time and bring our customers’ software world up to speed. You choose from a wide range of prefabricated and proven solutions or have customised software developed quickly and cost-effectively for your personal purpose.

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