Kanban for legal experts

Agile project management for lawyers: Scrum vs. Kanban – a comparison The goal of agile methods in project management We already dealt with the question of the extent to which agile methods are suitable for legal work and what opportunities they open up in our article Scrum for Legal Professionals. The goals are the same: […]

How Legal Experts Digitize

Enabling the Legal Frontliners Legal professions are also finding themselves under increasing pressure to digitize. So the question is no longer whether, but above all how and how quickly. In addition, traditional legal activities are becoming more complex and demanding. It is therefore necessary to better organize and manage the provision of legal services. Today, […]

Low-Code and No-Code: The next Level of Digitization?!

What is the significance of one of the most important IT trends for legal professions? The major topic of legal tech, i.e. the digitalization of legal practice, has permeated the working world of lawyers and attorneys like no other in recent years. The increased use of software in law firms and legal departments means that […]

Agile project management for the Legal Profession

Are agile methods suitable for legal work and what opportunities do they open up? Scrum for legal experts Can agile methods also be used in law firms and legal departments? In view of the increasing digitalization of legal work (legal tech), the question is increasingly being asked whether agile management is suitable for the legal […]

Digitization with NLC Platforms

In an interview with the Legal Tech Verzeichnis, Dr. Juergen Erbeldinger informs about possibilities for digitization from within specialist departments using the ESCRIBA No-/Low-Coding Platform. ESCRIBA AG, a Berlin-based software and consulting company, is the provider and operator of the Enterprise Compliance and Agility Platform (ECAP), a No-/Low-Coding Platform for individual applications. ESCRIBA AG developed […]