Lifetime Coach

Optimise your ESCRIBA learning journey with
Tailored support

Your personal Lifetime Coach accompanies you during and after an ESCRIBA training, in a project or individually according to your needs. Even after a booked support period, the Lifetime Coach remains your contact person for technical questions or refers you to our ESCRIBA experts if necessary.

Accompanied designer change by Lifetime Coach

The ESCRIBA Lifetime Coach supports designers during department changes and ensures a smooth transfer of knowledge.

Together with the senior designer, the existing system is analysed and future tasks of the new designer are discussed. Regular basic and individual advanced training courses are offered for ESCRIBA designers, including specific training on the ESCRIBA Adapter – SAP Customizing & Development.

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Refresher course for experienced ESCRIBA designers

The refresher course is aimed at experienced ESCRIBA designers who want to refresh their knowledge or prepare specifically for new tasks, such as the introduction of barcode modules or e-signatures.

The Lifetime Coach analyses the existing system together with the designer and determines the need for refreshing or learning new knowledge. A tailor-made training course is then prepared.

ESCRIBA Designer 1.8 ready check

The ESCRIBA Designer 1.8 ready check supports customers in upgrading to version 1.8.

A Lifetime Coach analyses the current system and provides services such as the document check or help with transferring or creating new documents. 60-minute sessions are held between the Lifetime Coach and the customer to look at the system in terms of current and future projects. Depending on the needs, webinars or training sessions with the Lifetime Coach are offered to accompany the upgrade.

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At least as important as the training is the exchange with other members of our community. We enable and support the exchange of experiences on all topics related to documents and processes as well as No-/Low-Code applications, agile development and work.

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