On-site Training for ESCRIBA Enterprise Document Services

Automation and quality assurance of documents are the most efficient levers for optimizing service processes. The focus here is on cost efficiency and improved customer perception (customer experience). In three consecutive courses, you will get to know the NLC module ESCRIBA Enterprise Document Services in detail and learn how to use the complete range of services. In addition to the online courses, we offer classroom trainings in Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Munich.

Current training offers

ESCRIBA Designer - Basic

In the three-day basic training you will get to know the structure, basic functions and the methodology of the rule-based document creation of ESCRIBA Designer, such as template structure or working methods. After the training you will be able to directly create templates for the respective application purpose and use them in your company. Duration: 3 days*

ESCRIBA Designer - Advanced

You get a deeper insight into complex application scenarios and learn in the two-day training especially the use of data tables and reference modules, e.g. with nested data tables, data references as well as their combination to use the possibilities of the designer optimally. Duration: 2 days*

ESCRIBA Adapter – SAP Customizing & Development

Gain extensive knowledge and tools to solve development and integration tasks in this three-day training. Get to know how the software works on the system integration side and also learn how the ESCRIBA components interact. Duration: 3 days*
*Due to COVID possibly only available as online offer

Contact / Registration

Due to the current situation we offer the training in an online format.

Dates ESCRIBA Designer Basic Course

  • 29.11.-01.12.2022
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At least as important as the training is the exchange with other members of our community. We enable and support the exchange of experiences on all topics related to documents and processes as well as No-/Low-Code applications, agile development and work.

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