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Build applications based on ESCRIBA NLC technology including all extension modules and offer them to your customers or on our Marketplace.

The lack of IT resources, especially application developers, is striking and increasing. IDG estimates that there is a shortage of around 600,000 developers in the USA alone. At the same time, the demand for applications tailored to specific B2B needs is growing rapidly.

Profit from this development and become a provider of No-/Low-Code applications and products. With NLC not only different and better software is created, but also reusable and scalable applications. Every application you build or have built can also be used by third parties. Just put the results of your work on our Marketplace. With the NLC approach, you not only take on the role of designer, but if you want, you can also take on the role of provider.

Become an ESCRIBA NLC Partner! Position yourself and your applications on our Marketplace.

The partner model is especially interesting if your employees have skills and experience in the areas of process optimization, application development and/or customizing. With the NLC technology you increase productivity and ensure high reusability of your code and code fragments. In addition, you benefit from a different distribution of roles, since both the subject matter experts (No-Coding) and the process experts (Low-Coding) take over a significant part of the application development.

Especially for companies and freelancers who position themselves as implementation and integration partners in the environment of standard systems such as SAP, Salesforce, Oracle or Workday, the ESCRIBA NLC technology and the Marketplace are particularly interesting. Make your services more reusable and turn your know-how into attractive products.

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