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Welcome to the NLC-Academy and ESCRIBA-Community

Build simple applications yourself, optimize business processes independently and design digital business models. Become a driver of digitalization.

In our labs, you can gain your first experience with No-/Low-Coding, look over the shoulder of experienced NLC experts and exchange ideas with like-minded people. In our NLC Academy, you will acquire the necessary knowledge and can be certified as an NLC expert. Become part of the community and get access to the valuable ESCRIBA network.

Become an expert for the use of NLC technology

Take advantage of the career opportunities offered by the rising of NLC technology. Learn how to develop NLC applications yourself, how to take on product and process responsibility, and how to lead digitization projects to success quickly and securely.

The NLC Academy combines online courses and classroom training and also offers workshops, consultation hours and exchange formats. You can choose different learning paths and go through the modules as often as you like. Paths include practice cases and voluntary learning success checks.

All learning content and live sessions on one platform

Personalized learning pace with individual progress dashboard

Personalized attendance and completion certificates

Access to the NLC community with moderated workshops and forums

Online Training

On our e-Learning Platform, you determine your own learning pace and can build and expand your knowledge and skills over the long term. Either choose short learning modules to deepen a topic or complete a full learning path right away. In three learning levels, you will be introduced to the practical use of our solutions.

Self-study is not for you? No problem, if you have any questions, simply visit our expert consultation hours, attend a live webinar or exchange information directly with other members of the ESCRIBA community.

On-site Training

In our trainings, you learn NLC technology directly from our experienced ESCRIBA experts. The trainings are tailored to your application area and you practice with hands-on application examples. In the small group you exchange ideas with other participants. An intensive training away from the daily work routine is the ideal introduction to NLC technology.

We offer classroom training in Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Munich.

Lifetime Coach

The Lifetime Coach supports ESCRIBA designers in various aspects of their professional development.

The coach works closely with the designers to analyse the existing system and discuss future tasks.

Based on this, an individual training recommendation is made. The Lifetime Coach accompanies the designers during and after trainings, is available for questions and provides professional support for the ESCRIBA Designer.

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Experience space for No-/Low-Code Technology

You have heard about no/low coding and want to see for yourself? Do you have an initial idea of which applications you want to build and which processes you want to digitise? Are you planning a large and complex project and want to exchange experiences with NLC experts in advance? Then the NLC Labs are the right place for you. Whether you are a newcomer or an NLC expert – we have the right format.

NLC Literacy Lab

  • Learn about the strengths and opportunities of NLC in a dialog with our experts.
  • Discuss advantages and disadvantages with experienced users. Exchange ideas in the community.
  • Ask your questions and find out how you can create concrete added value through digitization.

3 hours online workshop

Open format with max. 9 participants

No requirements

129,- EUR per participant

NLC Launch Lab

  • Experience No- and Low-Coding using your own simple application examples.
  • Check your processes and challenges for NLC suitability. Identify quick wins, opportunities and risks.
  • Develop concrete usage scenarios and discuss key governance issues with peers.

1 to 3 day workshop
(Online / Hybrid / Present)

Open or closed format with participants from related fields

Requirements: Basic understanding of NLC

From 890,- EUR per participant

NLC Value Add Lab

  • Work agile with NLC technology and accelerate digitalization in your environment.
  • Experience how to identify value creation potentials, plan NLC projects, request budgets and set up teams.
  • Take advantage of the experience of our NLC coaches and access the coding power of our teams. We accompany you and secure your first projects.

Workshop Series / Retainer
(Online / Hybrid / Presence)

Closed format for a cross-functional team from your company

Requirements: Basic understanding of NLC and analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your own company processes



Our NLC certificates distinguish you as an experienced expert. Once you have learned the basics of NLC technology in our online and/or classroom training courses and are confident in handling data- and document-intensive processes, you can have your expertise certified. You initiate an NLC project with a high level of complexity, which you report on regularly from start to finish. We accompany and support you during the implementation. With the final presentation, you face the questions of the NLC expert jury and receive your certificate.

Get certified as:

Document Designer

As a certified Document Designer you are an expert for the automation and quality assurance of documents. You can effectively use the entire spectrum of our NLC module ESCRIBA Enterprise Document Services and create complex document templates.

Upon completion of the program, you will be able to:

  • Create, customize and further develop document templates for rule-based document generation.
  • Build complex control logic for your document templates.
  • Use data from back-end systems for documents and connection processes.
  • Make sense of special cases of document design with the help of advanced functions.
  • Use third-party system connections for your documents and processes.

Coming soon:

NLC-App Designer

As a certified NLC App Designer, you will master the ESCRIBA Enterprise Compliance and Agility Platform (ECAP) construction kit and develop your own database and case management applications. You are an expert for the NLC tools to optimize data- and document-intensive processes.

Upon completion of the program, you will be able to:

  • Translate operational processes into applications.
  • Create, customize, and enhance applications.
  • Describe business processes using the Business Process Modeling Notation standards and map them into an application.
  • Create app families.
  • Use NLC extension modules and third-party systems for own applications.

We are currently developing additional certification programs for you, in which you can combine competencies from both certifications with methodological competencies for preparing, planning, agile execution and control of more complex NLC projects.

Other planned topics include document and process governance and maintenance. In addition to Agile Apps, the core of ESCRIBA ECAP, Microsoft technology with Power Apps as well as ServiceNow’s Now platform are the focus of the further development of our offering.

Join our

ESCRIBA Community.
At least as important as the training is the exchange with other members of our community. We enable and support the exchange of experiences on all topics related to documents and processes as well as No-/Low-Code applications, agile development and work.

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