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SAP, Workday, SuccessFactors u.v.m.

Starke Software bildet die Grundlage für gemeinsames und effizientes Arbeiten. Doch selbst umfangreiche ERP-Systeme, wie SAP oder Workday, bieten nicht alle Funktionen, die Sie als Unternehmen oder Abteilung benötigen. Wir erweitern Ihr ERP um Wunschfunktionen – durch Apps aus unserem Softwarekatalog oder speziell für Sie entwickelte Anwendungen.

Durch unser optimales Schnittstellenmanagement können wir individuelle und vorgefertigte Apps in Ihre bestehende Systemlandschaft integrieren. Mit ESCRIBA überwinden Sie Softwaregrenzen und erhalten maximale Kontrolle über Ihre Prozesse.

Die ESCRIBA Software lässt sich dabei in den unterschiedlichsten Geschäftsbereichen einsetzen:

  • HR
  • Rechtsabteilung
  • Real Estate
  • Vertrieb
  • Shared Services
  • Finanzen

Die ESCRIBA Software lässt sich dabei in den unterschiedlichsten Geschäftsbereichen einsetzen:

  • HR
  • Rechtsabteilung
  • Real Estate
  • Vertrieb
  • Shared Services
  • Finanzen

Optimieren Sie Ihre täglichen Arbeitsabläufe mit maßgeschneiderter Software. Als Experten für Dokumentenerstellung und No- und Low-Coding, bieten wir Ihnen integrierbare Anwendungen für alle gängigen ERP-Systeme:

ESCRIBA is multi-system ready and can also be used in hybrid scenarios.

Even if you are using an SAP on-premise version with SuccessFactors or Salesforce, apps from ESCRIBA can be integrated into your workflows with ease. This is because our powerful software products can process data from different backends at the same time.

The multicloud capability in combination with the large number of modules make ESCRIBA the market leader for process- and document-based ERP extensions.

Generate documents from SAP and SuccessFactors with just a few clicks

  ESCRIBA AG has specialized in the optimization of data and document-intensive processes since 1998. Benefit from our experience from more than 300 projects in the context of ERP systems and documents. Documents are still one of the most important contact points to customers, employees and partners. That is why our EDS (ESCRIBA Document Services) is particularly strong in all processes involving documents. This innovative module can be used together with all our ERP extensions – thus we consistently avoid software breaks. Create any form of correspondence – no matter if contracts, documents, mails, attachments, brochures highly automated: ideally with a single button click from the SAP system. Of course, multiple systems, whether on-premise or cloud-based, can be connected simultaneously and the data from the different systems can be mixed in the document. Compliance has never been so easy.

Technology leader

ESCRIBA is the technology leader in the field of rule-based document creation. We offer up to 1,500 templates for all common document types

Authorization control

All document-related processes can be precisely controlled by assigning person/role-related authorizations down to text block level.

Follow-up versions

Generate variation and subsequent versions of already created documents. Jump & Edit lets you jump back to any point in the document.


Documents can be easily created in different languages - regardless of the user interface language currently in use.

Fast. Faster. No- and Low-Code

Our applications are based on our own software platform, ECAP (ESCRIBA Enterprise Compliance and Agility Platform). Using this no- and low-code platform, we can develop our software up to 5x faster than with traditional coding.

Apps from ESCRIBA are less error-prone because our developers can reuse proven modules and code sections over and over again. Eliminating redundant steps and keeping our teams agile leads to shorter release cycles and better results. Over time, this has allowed us to assemble an impressive portfolio of ready-to-use products for a wide variety of departments.

If you still need special functions in your ERP landscape that we don’t yet map in our product portfolio, we’ll be happy to take you on board as a software development partner.


We have been using SAP in our company for years. Thanks to ESCRIBA’s customized applications, we were finally able to integrate long long desired functions into our backend system”.

Peer Heineken

Managing Director docforce.

Seamless integration with SAP and other systems

Our software integrates natively with SAP, Workday and SuccessFactors, which means we can retrieve or feed back data from the backend at any time. Due to the multi-system capability, our no- and low-code apps shine especially if you have a hybrid solution of SAP on-premise and a cloud solution in use.

ESCRIBA is your certified partner for SAP software solutions

ESCRIBA as a tightly integrated part of an SAP on-premise installation has been an established standard for years for seamless document generation directly from your ERP. But even if you have SAP’s modern cloud-based HCM software solution SuccessFactors in use in your company, you can enjoy all the benefits of no- and low-code programs and automatic document generation together with ESCRIBA.

The ESCRIBA extensions can be used in conjunction with SAP Script as well as with Processes and Forms. The apps are not only compatible with the traditional SAP GUI, but can also be integrated into modern interfaces such as SAP UI5.

The connector between both systems, the ESCRIBA Integration Server, has been successfully certified by SAP for Hana Cloud.

ESCRIBA and SuccessFactors complement each other perfectly and are a perfect match due to their forward-looking technologies.


SuccessFactors supports you in personnel strategy, personnel planning and personnel analysis. ESCRIBA ensures that perfect documents are created based on facts and data. Once all the required documents have been created, they are automatically stored on your premises in a connected electronic personnel file, in SuccessFactors itself or in another storage location, if desired. From the beginning of a process to its completion – this digital end-to-end process without system breaks makes everyday work much easier and increases quality and efficiency.


ESCRIBA can access all data in SuccessFactors that is available via the ODATA interface.


ESCRIBA and SuccessFactors – a strong team

Experience the full potential of Workday

Workday combines HR and financial management in one application. Especially in these areas of application, a large number of documents are required every day on the basis of facts and data. However, even the best software reaches its even the best software reaches its limits when errors creep into documents due to media discontinuities, for example, because data from Workday has to be typed into a word processing program. into a word processing program.


ESCRIBA and Workday can reach their full potential when combined: Process and manage HR and finance business processes successfully with our no- and low-code applications for Workday.


Especially, the parallel use of dedicated departmental software in combination with company-wide SAP or the move from an on-premise solution to the cloud can present companies with enormous challenges.

We are happy to take time for you and plan an individual solution with you. With more than 20 years of experience in the enterprise environment, ESCRIBA is your competent partner.


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