ESCRIBA Enterprise Service Management

The NLC suite ESCRIBA Enterprise Service Management (ESM) helps to map existing workflows and processes as digital workflows in order to become more effective and efficient and to enable a better customer experience.

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ESCRIBA Enterprise Service Management

In its basic configuration, the Enterprise Service Management Suite enables the creation and customization of database and case management applications, including rule-based creation and management of documents via No-/Low-Coding. Data and information on and from processes and documents can be used in graphical and tabular reports and combined into user-specific dashboards.


  • Access and Authorization and Identity Management (AAIM)
  • No-Code environment, for creating and customizing applications without writing code (NLC)
  • Process engine according to the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)
  • Case Management System according to the Case Management Modeling Notation (CMMN)
  • Document Engine for rule-based creation of documents based on reusable objects (OOD)
  • Low-Code environment for creating and customizing applications (Java Enterprise EditionI) and interfaces (Javascript / Angular)
  • Development tools and interface to use Integrated Development Enviroments (EDI) to extend the NLC Suite and/or Platform
  • Integration services, to connect third party systems and applications and to use pre-built connectors

Starting with the basic equipment, all NLC apps and content extensions can be used. Of particular interest are the following NLC applications from ESCRIBA and our partners:

  • Document Governance and Maintenance (DCL-Manager and applications of the DCLM Suite)
  • Human resources processes (HR Service Manager and HR Suite)
  • Company pension scheme, insurance and employer benefits (bAV-Suite, benefit administration)
  • Industry-related insurance services (Assurance Services and Product Manager / ASP Manager)
  • Risk assessment (RA-Manager)

App families are collections of thematically related NLC Apps. All apps built on the NLC Platform can be linked and combined with each other. Where functions complement each other in a particularly meaningful way, several apps form an App Family. We also refer to this as an NLC Suite if the combined apps offer such a range of services that entire areas or fields of activity can be served with them.

In addition to functional extensions, there are also content extensions for NLC Suites. Content extensions are prefabricated and thus directly usable contents. Examples include document templates and texts, processes and associated role and authorization concepts, or preset reports and dashboards.

NLC technology combines the advantages of product software and predefined market standards with the flexibility and agility of an open modular system. NLC applications are productive from day one and grow with your requirements and needs.

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